WoW Tournament at Dreamhack

Between the 29th and 30th of November the Dreamhack Computer festival in Sweden will be host to a $75,000, 3v3, 8 team Arena tournament.

Originally slated for a now-canceled event, the World of Warcraft tournament was added to the international Intel® Extreme Masters Season II through collaboration between ESL, Intel, Blizzard and Dell. As a show of support for the World of Warcraft pro-gaming community, the sponsors collaborated to produce a new “Finals” event backed by a new prize package, and invited the eight top-ranked teams from previous tournament to Sweden to compete for the “World’s Best” honor.

Prize Money Distribution

  • First Place: 45,000 USD
  • Second Place: 22,500 USD
  • Third Place: 7,500 USD
  • Furthermore all teams receive 4,500 USD travel refund.

Read the full announcement over at Electronic Sports League


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