Season 3 Update

Just a quick warning to everyone; this was announced last night by Tyren on the official forums. If you haven't logged in yet, there's a change to Season 3 Weapons and Shoulder items that went into effect today.

Tyren wrote:

Please be aware that with this week’s maintenance, purchasing arena season 3 items that have a required arena personal rating will now also require the purchaser’s arena team rating to be at the same point values as well.

Unfortunately, this will not be properly displayed within the game; the in-game display will be fixed soon in an upcoming patch.

So what does this mean for players? Quite simply, weapons and shoulder slot items will now require a team rating exactly the same as the personal rating required previously. This change will be in effect as of today's maintenance, which is quite unfortunate considering the limited warning given to players. While it's not displayed in the item tooltip yet due to the requirement of a client-side patch, the code is active server-side, which means you'll need the team rating to purchase the items as well.

What are your thoughts on this change?


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