2.3.2, 2.4, Lich King, and more -- a fun day of blues

We have quite a few blue posts for everyone today in this recap, with some of the news surely giving you that nudge needed to get over Hump Day. Everything ranging from what's coming in 2.3.2, what's coming in 2.4, what's coming in Wrath of the Lich King, and what isn't coming any time soon, maybe even ever.

Tired of being right-handed? No left-handed option is coming in Lich King.

Bornakk wrote:

This isn't outside the realm of possibility, but we have no plans to implement it at this time. Sorry to burst any bubbles but for model updates we are focusing on the hair styles and dances for Wrath of the Lich King. We'll have to wait to see what comes after that. :)

Hemorrhage wasn't changed because it's 'popular' -- Subtlety is getting more tweaks though.

Eyonix wrote:

To clarify we don't simply make changes to an ability because it becomes popular. The changes done to hemorrhage (lowering its damage) is being done because we never intended for hemo rogues to do more damage, rather, our goal was to make the subtlety tree a viable alternative to combat and assassination. What resulted however, was not an increased number of subtlety rogues, but an increased number of rogues going just far enough down the subtlety tree to get hemorrhage.

We intend to tweak subtlety some more in upcoming patches, but ultimately won’t be able to flesh it out until Wrath of the Lich King.

Reagents aren't covered by the "cast spell for free" buff in BGs, and it's intended.

Nethaera wrote:

No. It works the same way as it does in the Arena. If you want to use a spell with a reagent such as a group buff, it will cost. Otherwise, there is no mana cost associated with casting pre-match buffs or casting just after being resurrected by a Spirit Healer.

ZA no-summoning is intentional (and will be fixed in 2.3.2), but summoning from the world into instances may come back in 2.4.

Tigole wrote:

We had to disable summoning yesterday via emergency hotfix due to some exploits. We're hoping to re-enable summoning as soon as possible. We know it's a big inconvenience and we apologize.

On a related note, we're looking into fixing some issues with summoning that would once again enable us to allow warlocks to summon people into an instance from anywhere in the world. This could happen as soon as the next big content patch (2.4.0) if all of the technical issues can be resolved by then.

Don't expect a Molten Core revamp any time soon... if ever.

Eyonix wrote:

We've just gotten off the phone with Majordomo Executus who has apparently been reading this thread, and he's asked that players please let his master sleep.

King Varian storyline is still at a stand-still in terms of progression, and will be for a while.

Bornakk wrote:

I am not Chris Metzen (obviously), but I can tell you that the information you got in Dustwallow Marsh is all you are getting at this time regarding this quest line.

If there are any stories or secrets in Northrend relating to this, they will need to be discovered at a later time by some brave adventurers who traverse these dangerous lands.

There are no plans to add the Tomb of Sargeras to World of Warcraft.

Bornakk wrote:

We have no current plans to add this place that was in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne to the playable areas of World of Warcraft. If memory servers the place lays in ruins now after the events that happened during that game...

The Blizzard UI team gets a new member.

Slouken wrote:

I’d like to welcome the newest member of our Blizzard UI team, Zootfizzle!

You’ll see him posting regularly on the forum, helping out. Please be gentle. :)


Can we have some "good looking" items in Wrath of the Lich King?

Nethaera wrote:

Weapons and items will be suitable for the expansion and like anything else will be designed to fit within the expansion.

Beyond that, I couldn't guarantee a trend toward "good" items so much as say that items serve the purpose they are given whether it is good or evil. Not every hero carries a gleaming sword that shines like the sun. Some have carried things that seemed counter to their very nature and yet still succeeded in achieving their lofty goals for a better end.

For now, we'll have to wait and see what the artists have cooked up when the time comes.

Finally, a video created by Surgee. This is Surgee's unofficial WoW trailer. It's hilarious, and very well done, so be sure to click through on the title to rate or comment on it!

<center> <script type="text/javascript"> var FO_22 = { movie:"", width:"500", height:"350", majorversion:"7", build:"0", bgcolor:"#FFFFFF", allowfullscreen:"true", flashvars:"file=" }; $("#flvplayer_22").click(function(event) { UFO.create(FO_22, "flvplayer_22"); $(this).unbind('click'); }); </script> </center>


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