WoW players march for Ron Paul

For those of you going "Huh?" -- Ron Paul is one of the candidates for the 2008 US Presidential Election. Apparently a group of his supporters recently planned a march in Azeroth to garner support for Ron Paul, who has recently risen in the race for President -- hoping to topple the more well-known, vocal candidates.

The march took place on January 1st, and according to these videos, quite a few people turned out. That said, political analysts feel this won't win any votes, as innovative an approach as it was.

What are your thoughts on this? Is this a sign of things to come -- one where World of Warcraft is yet another stage for political campaigning? Oddly enough Ron Paul seems to be one who's against regulating the internet, so perhaps the same holds true when it comes to regulating video game content to an extreme degree. I suppose it's only fitting, then, that his supporters turn out not just in flesh, but in polygons as well.


Note: Curse is not affiliated with Ron Paul or any political stance as a website -- we simply bring you the news, no matter how strange it is.


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