Blue posts: Tier 6.5 gear, Magister's Terrace details

Zolphea (German Blue poster) said a few words about Sunwell and Tier 6.5 gear.

Sunwell and Tier 6.5 gear (src)

In the 25-man dungeon you will be able to receive Tier 7 gear. These Items will look similar for the different classes. There will be different colors but no unique design per class.
There will be more than 3 Bosses. When 2.4 will hit the PTR isnt determined yet.

Magister's Terrace details (src)

The difficulty of Magister's Terrace will be around Shattered Halls and Shadow Labyrinth.
Normal: 3 bosses ilvl 115 loot, 1 boss low karazhan epic loot.
Heroic: 3 bosses low kara epic loot, endboss will have malchezaar equivalent epic loot.

The first 3 bosses will have 15 slot loot table, endboss 10 slot epic loot table.

Europe: Missing Honor issue resolved (src)

The missing Honor issue has now been resolved and as such the missing honor from the realms in the Bloodlust's battlegroup has now been awarded.
Please keep in mind that there is a difference between honor gained and honor estimated: Honour Calculations

In Game Guild Roster capped to 500 members (src)

The Guild UI only supports 500 members in a guild. If you have more than 500 members you will run into problems with the guild UI.


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