New Player Stories: Bridging the Gap, My Three Sons

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Two fresh player stories can be read over at the official World of Warcraft website. More details follows..

Bridging the Gap

One year ago at Christmas time I bought a copy of World of Warcraft for my college-age son. His friends at school were all playing, and being a videogame buff he wanted to try for himself. He created a human warrior on Mug'thol and started playing. I frequently came in and watched him play, and decided it looked like so much fun I would create a character for myself. I created a separate account and created a human paladin for myself. We quested together and had a grand time!

My Three Sons

My three sons and I have dabbled with other MMORPGs, and not really gotten hooked. But immediately upon testing World of Warcraft, we fell in love!

Read the full stories here


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