WWI08: Blizzard's Map of Paris


Ever wanted to know how the city map of a real-life town would look like when done "à la" World of Warcraft?
Wonder no more! Blizzard did it for Paris, one of the most beautiful cities around the world and host of the future World Wide Invitational 2008!
Moreover, they had some fun while making it: check the facts of each location for more!

Paris : even without a Blizzard convention, it’s worth a visit. To help you enjoy your trip outside the Worldwide Invitational, as well as inside, we created a new World of Warcraft zone – or at least the corresponding map.

Have a look at what monumental places are awaiting you in Paris ... win lots of great memories of a Blizzard themed trip to Paris, France! You will find lots of information about Paris, its shopping areas, hotels, museums, and more, on the website of the Paris Tourism office.

<center>Blizzard's Map of Paris</center>

If you need more information concerning the WWI08, check out the official page!


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