UICentral discontinued

Recently IncGamers posted an announcement about their addon updater and why it's being discontinued. Read the details below.

Rushter posted this:

A heads-up to UIC users. UICentral, as created by site member Amthea, has been pulled from the site as it has come to light that there was a copyright infringment inside the application code. An unlicensed key was utilised to create a part of the application, and so to act responsibly, and protect the party invovled, we have pulled the file from the website.

We are dissapointed that this has occured but at the same time pleased that this has been brought to our attention as we do not condone such practices.

With this in mind we are looking to create our own application in-house so that this can not occur in the future. Work will begin immediatly on the new application for mod updating. Thanks to everyone for being so patient while we investigated and checked through everything. We'll update you soon :)

ChaosInc followed up with the following:

In a nutshell, he used a cracked version of a Java app and got caught. In turn, they threatened to take "legal action" against the site unless it was pulled. Needless to say, however, we would've pulled it anyways.

What does this mean? It means UIC is no longer available IN ANY FORM from this point forward. But as Rush has stated we plan to have another application designed from the ground up without the worry of some piss-ant lawyer breathing down our necks about "distributing applications without checking first that the program used was a legit copy. Ignorance of proper licensing is NO EXCUSE!". Honestly, how the hell are we supposed to check that crap anyways? Ask 'em? Psh....

So as per their "legal request", we'd also like to ask anyone who has dl'd UIC in ANY form to please remove it from their comp. Of course, we can't check this, but apparently they think we can. Next they'll be asking for everyone IP that's dl'd it. But no worries, that's what we call "invasion of privacy", so everyone who's gonna start fretting about that can relax.

Rush has sent a personal apology on the matter and we have met their requests on the matter to avoid "legal action". As of this point, we should be left alone and we can get back to work on important things, like deciding who's buying the next round of Poptarts!

Oh damn, I said a product name! Please don't sue us, Kellogg's!

On a whole different note, we're working on an updated Curse Client, Kody shared some of the information regarding it:

Hey everyone,

We're currently working on a proper GUI for the Curse Client now. A lot of the functionality you're requesting (as well as a lot you probably haven't thought of) will be included in the UI once it's done. I don't have a time frame for when we can expect this to be released for you currently, but it is in fact in the works.


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