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Mmmm Horde Cake!

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<font color="brown"> Got married about a month ago and got the wife to agree to a grooms cake design. I have some friends that own a bakery and they did a INSANE job and made the MOTHER OF ALL WOW CAKES!

It was a chocolate fudge cake with mint frosting in the middle so the cake itself was oh-so-good.

It was made of a combination of cake, fondant, and modeling chocolate with a little silver leaf around the horde shield. So it was 100% edible. [Source] </font>

Darkmoon Faire in Columbus

<font color="blue">The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Darkmoon Faire is once again setting up its tents, this time from April 11 to 13 in Columbus, Ohio. The main tournament will use the Sealed Pack format, giving everyone a chance to compete on an even footing, and available prizes include a high-end gaming computer. An array of side competitions will also be featured, as will special online events such as a leveling race and an Arena tournament, with the elusive Spectral Tiger and X-51 Nether-Rocket mounts up for grabs. Head over to for more information on Darkmoon Faire Columbus and all the other exciting World of Warcraft TCG events coming up.</font>

Blue Posts

Another daily dose of Blizzard posts.

Arena questions answered

  • 1) When will all ratings reset to 1500?

<font color="blue">The practice period will end on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 when the servers go down for maintenance and at this time, all teams will be reset to 1500 rating.</font>

  • 2) When do we need 200 games by?

<font color="blue">The 200 games must be played by the end of the first qualifier which is scheduled to conclude on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 when the servers go down for maintenance. Players will have 4 weeks to play the 200 games that count toward their final rating.

The same length of time will apply to the second qualification round though the dates for the second qualification will obviously be different.</font>

  • 3) When will we be kicked out of the tournament if we don't have enough games or a high enough rating?

<font color="blue">Tuesday, May 20, 2008 is when the first round of qualification completes. You will have to re-register to continue to take part in the Tournament Realm past this date.</font>

  • 4) Approximately what rating is needed to advance to Stage 2?

<font color="blue">There is no numerical value we can attach to this question right now. It depends on how well players do and where they are at when the four week period finishes.</font>

Season 4 starting information

<font color="blue">We will provide information a couple weeks in advance when Season 4 is near starting. Right now there is no information regarding this as it is still a ways off.</font>

Armory issues

<font color="blue">The Armory updates on a continuous basis, there are just some issues we are continuing to work on ironing out where some things are missed in this process. Generally speaking I've seen my characters' profiles updated within 2-3 hours of when I log out.</font>

World PVP

<font color="blue">We did remove the note that mentioned World PvP when it was decided to take it out. World PvP requires a lot of players to be in the same area at the same time which would lead people away from the Arenas and we want to keep people focused on the Arena games. The more people queuing up the better for everybody really.</font>

Retribution Paladins will get buffed

<font color="blue"> We have mentioned in the past that we would like to improve Retribution Paladins in Wrath of the Lich King, we just don't have a lot of specific details to release regarding this right now. We did say we plan on changing how their abilities work to share gear with warriors which will help make it easier for them to gear up though.</font>

"Byebye" level 70 dungeons?

<font color="blue"> We don't have any plans to update old content for level 80 players. Instead we plan to provide lots of brand new content for our players to go through in Wrath of the Lich King. We talked about the dungeons a bit in the next BlizzCast too, so stay tuned. ;-)</font>

Check out Cursinema #1 and #2! We've featured some nice videos.


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