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Awhile ago we reported that there's a chance that the Wrath of the Lich King beta may be starting soon. Now several inside sources have confirmed that the alpha testing of the second World of Warcraft expansion have begun. It's under strict NDA so don't expect any information to get out yet.

We will be on top of any information that gets out about WotLK and I assure you that we'll do our very best to have it available here first.

<font color="blue"> It's largely random. We do our best to make sure we have a good mix of players. I've seen it before where one friend has posted on the forum about another friend who got in but they didn't and why didn't they when their friend is the one that only plays casually and they (the op) are the one that is hardcore. We're not looking to pick one demographic to help do the testing. We look for a good mixture of people with different play styles and interests. It gives a decent snapshot of what issues need fixed or tweaked prior to release.

The random beta tickets are sent out by email. It's why when it comes time for a beta, we will remind everyone (sometimes to the point of annoyance) to please please please update your contact information and email. There were many people that never got an invitation because they had a bad email.



Activision Blizzard


Activison Blizzard is likely to become a reality very soon. The coming week The European Union (EU) will finalize their decision if this merger conforms with the rules on mergers. The 16th April is when the EU will make their decision.

Blue Posts


Game time credit (Europe)

<font color="blue">On April 8th a technical issue caused 6 hours of downtime for the realms of the Crueldad, Hinterhalt, Némésis and Nightfall Battlegroups. As a result we will credit all players with an active character on the affected realms with 1 day of game time credit. This will be credited to the eligible accounts in the next few weeks. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.</font>


No plans to remove the attunement for Onyxia's Lair

<font color="blue">We don't currently have any plans to change this and are comfortable with how it is right now.</font>


Arena Tournament: About adding more items

<font color="blue">We tried to include as many items as possible based on items that teams were using as well as feedback on the Tournament Test Realm when it was active. We are seeing if it's possible to add a few more items but I would not expect this to happen this season.</font>


Arena Tournament qualification: Do we need to get 200 games each player or only the team?

<font color="blue">Eligible teams must have played a minimum of 200 games during Phases 2 and 3 to be able to qualify to advance to the regional qualifier. Each team member must have participated in 30% of their team’s games to be eligible to qualify.</font>


Character transfer: PvE to PvP

We have no current plans to implement PvE to PvP transfers or to launch a new PvP realm at this time. We are aware it's an option if that's what you mean, but we tend to avoid saying words like "never" as things can always change. So in these terms I guess this transfer type has been "on the table" for about 2 or so years now, but we have no plans to implement it right now.


Hotfixes for the Week of April 7 - 13

Several bugs have been fixed with the Shattered Sun Pendants.

  • Shattered Sun Pendants of Acumen and Might will now be triggered only by spells and abilities which cause damage.
  • Shattered Sun Pendant of Might will no longer break crowd control effects such as Scattershot with its triggered effect.
  • Shattered Sun Pendants of Acumen, Might, and Restoration now all have correct range limits.


Previous list of current Patch 2.4 issues

With Patch 2.4 not everything is perfect. Far from it actually. Hortus is maintaining a quite long list of 2.4 issues. These issues will be resolved in a future patch.

This is a list of known issues in the 2.4 client. This is not an exhaustive list of all known bugs, but a list of issues that we are understand can replicate and are will be fixing in a future patch.


  • Spells that create a buff that chains damage to a secondary target can chain to a critter
  • Players are able to have pets out while mounted by logging out.
  • Zoning after a pet has died or has been dismissed can cause an "Internal Pet Error".
  • Abilities and spells that chain to secondary targets do not calculate combat reach for each potential unique target.
  • Swimming while in Wisp Form produces an odd animation.
  • Male Blood Elves do not place both hands on polearm-type weapons when swinging them.
  • The /clap emote is not emitting sound if performed more than once.


  • Mangle's talent link tooltip indicates a 100 yard range.


  • Initial trigger or activation sounds for Immolation Trap (rank 6) and Explosive Trap (rank 4) cannot be heard by Classic WoW players.
  • Swapping your current pet for a stabled pet while mounting will cause you to receive an error ("You do not have a pet to summon") when you use Call Pet.



  • Crusader Strike is adversely affected by Seal of the Crusader.
  • The Bladestorm effect from the Ravager item proc has its channeling broken by refreshing paladin judgments.
  • The Paladin talent Precision displays Daggers and Staves as a weapon class in the link tooltip.
  • There is a discrepancy in the combat log when casting Paladin healing spells.


  • The Priest Talent Power Infusion consumes an inconsistent amount of mana when cast on yourself.
  • Touch of Weakness doesn't reduce the melee damage of attacker.


  • Cloak of Shadows do not remove the curse Shrink.
  • Mutilate is being written to the combat log multiple times when used.





  • If you are saved to 10+ instances, the Raid Infos are overlapping at the second row.
  • Paladin healing spells used in castsequence macro's are not completing the cast sequence when a rank is not specified.
  • The hunter's spell Dismiss Pet "fades" from player 1 minute after dismissing pet.
  • If Scrolling Combat Text is activated and Auras is selected, some spells that do not give auras will show up in green in the scrolling combat text.
  • Casting some spells with Auras selected for Scrolling Combat text, will show the notification twice.
  • Casting Mass Dispel when Auras on Scrolling Combat Text is enabled will show <Mass Dispel> multiple times depending on how many targets are affected.
  • When updating to 2.4.0 Interface Options are not all updated correctly.
  • Calling a filter where "Unknown" checkboxes are the only options enabled under Message Sources generates a Lua error.
  • Debuff sizes are not scaling properly in size based on who cast the debuff.
  • The Okay and Cancel buttons in the General Log window do not have sound.
  • The guild log scroll bar does not always properly display what it's supposed to.
  • The school of magic in the combat log concerning buffs that "reflect" damage onto the attacker is repeated.
  • Changes to some Interface Options are not undone when clicking Cancel.
  • Toggling <Party Members' Pets> in the Party & Raid, Interface Option already in a party does not change the state of the party UI.
  • The Combat Log displays all events after logging in until a filter is selected.
  • There's a typo in exhausted damage message.
  • Find Minerals and Find Treasure are not showing when activated or fading in floating combat text.
  • Instant and channeled abilities that do not have a target are generating a past tense line in the combat log.
  • Some of Interface dropdown changes are not discarded when canceled.
  • Pet skill damage appears on the screen while Pet damage option is disabled.
  • The World PvP Objectives display is not updating changes made in the interface menu until you relog.
  • The visual for the checkbox for the Camera interface options are not saving on logout.
  • Unchecking default checked settings in the General and Combat Log Config menus will not save properly after logging out.
  • The name of Temporary Weapon Enchant buffs do not show up in the combat log when they are dismissed.
  • Dying and disconnecting causes you to be unable to release.



  • Several procs from items are breaking crowd control effects such as Scatter Shot.
  • Using a Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit does not initiate a global item cooldown.
  • Vengeful Gladiator's Rifle is using a inconsistent sound.
  • The Nexus Key staff is giving an inconsistant amount of bonus healing.
  • The name "Swift War Elekk" is shown in the casting bar when summoning the Black War Elekk.
  • Bow strings are not being lit in 2.4.0.
  • The Arcane Strike proc from Shattered Sun Pendant of Might is breaking crowd control effects such as Scatter Shot.
  • It is possible to dodge, block, and parry the proc Arcane Strike from the Shattered Sun Pendant of Might
  • The Brutal Gladiator's Rifle is emitting a Bow sound effect upon use, despite the item being a Gun.
  • Certain socket bonus modifiers do not display the healing that they provide.
  • Draenei female horns will not protrude correctly through certain helms.
  • The tooltip for Skyshatter Helmet's gem socket bonus (+9 healing) does not include the additional spell damage.
  • Arcane Charges used in the quests "The Air Strikes Must Continue" and "Distraction at the Dead Scar" deals fire damage despite the name "Arcane".
  • Shifting Naaru Sliver summons a Power Circle for a duration inconsistent with its tooltip.
  • The tooltip for the 4 piece bonus of the Dragonhide Battlegear states that the movement speed increase affects travel form even though it does not.
  • The pushback resistance part of the Battlecast Garb set bonus does not seem to be functioning.
  • The reduced cooldown of Shaman Nature's Swiftness provided by the 4 piece set bonus from the "Seer's Ringmail Battlegear" PvP armor is not applying.
  • The Cloak of Swift Mending, dropped from Selin Fireheart in the Magister's Terrace on normal difficulty, does not have a level requirement.
  • Brann Bronzebeard's Lost Letter is displaying a damage range in its tooltip even though this item is not a weapon.
  • The set bonus for the Crusader's Ornamented Battle Gear and Crusader's Scaled Battle Gear have a typo in their tooltip.


  • In Silithus, there is a Tornado that needs sounds.
  • In Heroic Magister's Terrace, the door in Selin Fireheart's room will respawn with no boss to kill to open it, leaving players unable to proceed.
  • Attempting to enter the Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit raid instance without being in a raid group, without the expansion installed, or below level 65 will return the the old Hyjal error message stating that a player must have "...friendly or better reputation"


  • The Berserking power-up found in Battlegrounds makes no sound when acquired.


  • There is a slight popping noise that occurs when running while using the Creative X-FI sound card.


  • On Macs with nVidia 8800 cards, when a full-screen effect is active, the top row of pixels is black or garbage.


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