WotLK fake alpha screenshots, Fan made content, Comics

To follow up on the following news where we presented you with two never before seen priest season 4 armors, you can view all known season 4 armors at WOWDB here.

brutalgladiator priest s4-priest-head s4-priest-chest

Wrath of the Lich King Screenshots from Blizzcon and GC07

Despite all rumors these screenshots are not from the current alpha version of WotLK. They are fairly old and was taken during Blizzcon and other conventions. However, since they very recently surfaced, we're posting them anyway. View the video clips that we posted earlier here.

12220588mo0 12455024vp2 18678306hl5 34827523nf7 34961091qb5 37104475in7 59712037gj4 63471450vq3 84586971tk7

Fan made Wrath of the Lich King maps and Dwarf hair

Kanaru from WoWWiki have made some interesting WotLK maps and Dwarf hair/face styles. Check them out below.

556px-4 800px-DalaranLake 800px-GrizzlyHillsUnfinished 800px-HowlingFjord 800px-Template 556px-1

New WoW related comics

Dark Legacy Comic and Noobz's Comic have two new comic strips out that are great fun!

139 en7


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