World of Raids Revamped


The very popular World of Warcraft news site, World of Raids have received a complete overhaul. Finally!

World of Raids is now also part of the Curse network.

<font color="brown"> This new version of World of Raids has been in development for a few months, and we’re fairly proud of what it has become. We’ve focused heavily on ensuring the website is both easy to use and also easy on the eyes after a long night of gaming. From its pleasant mixture of gold and black, to its streamlined, easily discernible layout and navigation, World of Raids has, and will only continue to get better from this point forward.

So what can you expect from the new design? It’s not just a makeover; new features are coming too! Here’s a quick taste of what’s here now, and what will be coming very soon:

  • Huge facelift – Improved layout allows users to find content easier than before
  • News content will be improved by the addition of html support. News can be formatted, videos can be embedded, and much more. Previously, we only had bbcode available.
  • Enhanced news system with tags and tabs for fast sorting.
  • More frequent news - A revamped news system will allow us to post many more articles than before!
  • We moved to new forum software: Vbulletin. Don’t worry; all of your old posts were transferred over to the new forum.
  • Gallery! All pictures that you see in our news will be stored & sorted in the WoR gallery. Additionally, users can upload pictures and share them with the community.
  • Blogs - each registered user can now have a personal blog.
  • The Recruitment tab is something that will come in the next few weeks; it's also the reason why we wiped the guild recruitment forum -- check this link for more info.

I would like to present to you the new WoR team members: MasterLoco (Moderator), Leviathon (Moderator), Lagical (Moderator) and Csulok (our Inspector Gadget).

And last but not least, I have another announcement. We have joined forces with, whose name is nearly synonymous for WoW addons. Curse and I have been in contact with each other for a long time, and they offered to formally partner up with, but stay reassured that this partnership won't take away any power from me or anything away from the site -- that was our condition. I immediately recognized the advantages of their proposition for our users, knowing what they have to offer to WoW players: the largest addons database, WOWDB (powerful game database) and some other neat features that will come in the next few weeks.

<center> World of Raids</center> </font>


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