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What's your most memorable moment in World of Warcraft so far? Azeroth have been open years for brave adventurers and Outlands for well over one year, if you've played World of Warcraft for awhile, you most likely have at least one moment you won't forget and hopefully it's a good one as well.

There's been a lot happening to WoW, with all the patches World of Warcraft Classic had prior to The Burning Crusade. Eleven (11) major content patches and thirty-eight (38) in total were applied. This obviously includes all the minor patches with mainly bug fixes. Now, let's take a look at the major patches in WoW Classic that has been carried out since release, 1.1.2 is to me fairly major since it removed the silly zone tabs from the US realm list. Well-needed change and I'm surprised they let something like that exist at the launch, but anyway…

1.2, known as Mysteries of Maraudon, was the first major patch and it introduced Maraudon, the Gurubashi Arena event and also the very first Feast of Great-Winter event. Maraudon is a zone I enjoy a lot and I have a lot of nice moments from that place, especially when going back there to level up an alt and explore around. When getting to the final area where you fall down (*cough jump *cough*) the waterfall and get greeted with hydra-like monsters in a very lush and colorful environment, you really notice how well designed this place actually is and it's pure eyecandy to continue the dungeon crawling. To discover that the so-called Princess is actually incredibly ugly is another thing that's amusing, everything else is so pretty and then you find out the "ruler" of the place does not belong there. Well, if you were to compare to the rest of the place at least. The other two features introduced, well, the arena event is something I never thought much of to be perfectly honest. I went there sometimes to assist friends; that's about it. When Blizzard introduced us to the Feast of Great-Winter event, I was impressed and quickly realized that they would keep this up with other holidays as well. And they certainly did. I enjoy what you can do together with friends and alone during this event and it certainly adds more flavor to the game. It's great.

I'm sure you dear reader have moments to share from what I just mentioned as well, but since this is World of Warcraft, a game that has been out for a long time and is constantly expanding -- there's just so much else that might be remembered as more special to you, so this is why I'm going to continue with the next patch, 1.3.

Patch 1.3: Ruins of the Dire Maul

With patch 1.3 we got spoiled with:

  • Azuregos, the big bad mean dragon in Azshara
  • Dire Maul in Feralas with several different five man dungeons and an arena with bosses
  • Lord Kazzak was added to Blasted Lands

I remember venturing to Dire Maul and finding out how hard it was compared to previous dungeons. It took some time to adjust and I've had many fun moments to share from this place, especially when we killed the Prince for our very first time -- that fight use to be chaotic and very, very fun! When something is new, it's such a blast to explore and find out how to beat the challenges that we've been presented with. Not to mention all those instance runs we had for the MP5 regen trinket... it wasn't even unique. Anyone else who's reading this that just love Dire Maul? I think it's great and has a lot to offer. This was awhile ago though and these days there's so much more -- more on that later.

With both Azuregos and Kazzak added to the game there was constant racing to get them first, a lot of world pvp happened and it was sometimes very, very hard to get them killed, unless you were quick or up very late or very early. Add some luck somewhere in there too.

Learning Azuregos and Kazzak was also a blast, not very challenging fights -- but I think that's the intention from Blizzard, since dealing with the opposite faction at the same time provided quite the challenge. I loved the world pvp these encounters triggered and I spent many late nights in Azshara trying to get Azuregos and/or Kazzak in Blasted Lands. Some nights were spent simply disrupting the other faction’s raid, if we did not have enough players.

Patch 1.4: The Call to War

  • The Priest Epic Quest was introduced
  • The Hunter Epic Quest was introduced too!
  • PVP Honor System was introduced as well

With 1.4 there was three major elements introduced. Two class-specific Epic Quests for Priests and Hunters as well as the Honor System, went live. Alliance and Horde were fighting almost nonstop at South Shore and Tarren Mill and it was a blast; you kept pushing either side back to their town and then eventually the side that was pushed back managed to turn the tide and it was the other way around. Add to that several side fights and people grouping up with for example 4 mages and a healer and you had a lot of fun going on every single day. Some people enjoyed to AOE the entire other side, while they had a healer or two help them out, it ended up with them dying for sure, but it was still so much fun. Later on the first Grand Marshal's and High Warlord's would be announced.

I remember how the end part of the Priest and also the Hunter epic Quest required the player to play totally alone, without outside help. It was quite challenging, but several ways to make the fights much easier were discovered eventually. Good stuff. I applaud Blizzard for their creativity here.

Patch 1.5: Battlegrounds

  • Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch sees the light and were pushed live
  • You can donate cloth parts for reputation in all major cities

Ah... the famous Battlegrounds. Or as I like to call them: the INFAMOUS. Personally I dislike the idea of putting most war inside instances; pvp is meant for open grounds. World PVP! Anyhow, a lot of fun was had in Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch, not to mention how much they kept changing Alterac Valley. The early versions of AV always made you summon the big giant Tree or Stone (yes, I call them that!) and you could follow them around and watch them wreak havoc; pretty awesome. At this time there were no Battlemasters in the main cities, so you had to head to the actual locations in the world. It was a bit more social this way and several fights between horde and alliance took place. It was amusing to have the opposite faction trying to kill off some of us within our area, while waiting for a queue, heh.

Capture the Flag was something that first shocked me to see in an MMO, but I learned to enjoy it and there were so many awesome fights to be had at the beginning. You see, when the BGs had just come up, most were still trying their hardest to gain ranks with the Honor System, so there were a lot of good teams out there who were all serious and wouldn’t waste a minute of their time and ensured they got as much honor as possible. With all the changes in several patches from now, the honor system is no longer as interesting -- at least not in my opinion. At least in the beginning there was true competition. All in all, BGs can be quite fun… there's a lack of choices though.

The idea of gaining reputation with different city factions by handing in cloth was a great idea and it was welcomed by pretty much everyone. You could see how many players obtained reputation at an accelerated pace and ended up with all kinds of neat mounts.

Patch 1.6: Assault on Blackwing Lair

  • Blackwing Lair added
  • Darkmoon Faire added
  • Battlemasters added to cities

This was a patch that many had been waiting for: Blackwing Lair -- one of my favorite zones of all time. Despite the few bugs that were found and dealt with, this zone is amazing and it was a blast from start to finish. Enjoying the Razorgore encounter in all its glory… the screams on Ventrilo when it died were priceless. Sometimes we ended up with only a few alive after the initial phases when he started to do his aoe fireball stuff. I remember having many close fights until we finally mastered the fight; around then, Blizzard did what they are famous for -- nerfed it and adjusted how the adds spawned. The fight after was just evil, but a lot of fun to learn too. Small mistakes would cause wipeouts almost instantly; again, good times. Going through the whole zone in detail would take an hour or two, so I won't. Areas such as the supression room, clearing up to Firemaw , and dealing with those hellish warlocks and fighting Chromaggus... one of the pinaccles in WoW's raiding if you ask me. First time defeating Nefarion, even when our tank went linkdead tanking in the final phase and came back with full aggro was quite amusing. What are your favorite moments from Blackwing Lair?

Darkmoon Faire is another feature of patch 1.6. It's ok and adds a dynamic feel to the world. Some of the trinkets were very popular and to get them you had to collect cards, the ACE part of each cardset dropped from a boss in different dungeon instances. Smart move by Blizzard; made instances further popular due to the demand of the ACE cards.

Remember how I went over how Battlemasters weren't in the game yet? Well with this patch, they came. So you no longer had to go further than to a certain area in your city and you could queue up for the battleground of your choice. Was this one of your favorite happenings?

Patch 1.7: Rise of the Blood God

  • Zul'Gurub, the first 20-man raid instance was added
  • Arathi Basin, a 15-man battleground saw the light in this patch
  • Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza

Another great patch with many great memories. Doing Zul'Gurub was a blast. I love the zone layout and discovering how the encounters were like, figuring out the best way to deal with the bosses and farming the trinket for guildies every now and then. I also like how many choices you get with ZG. You could pretty much decide what boss you felt like doing and in what order -- with the exception of Hakkar.

Arathi Basin is one of the most enjoyable battlegrounds if you play versus an equal-minded skilled team. Then there's a lot of strategy taking place and you really have to coordinate well in order to win. By the way, you can have the stable or farm. As for the addition of winning items for fishing in Stranglethorn, it's yet another event that makes the game feel more dynamic and alive; I remember how guildies used to complain that they kept getting killed by the other faction while they tried to fish during the Extravaganza.

Patch 1.8: Dragons of Nightmare

  • The four Emerald Dragons were added to the world in this patch
  • Silithus got a full makeover in preparations for Ahn'Qiraj. Lots of quests and goodies added.

Massive world PVP commenced when the Emerald Dragons were added to WoW; I'm sure there are many memories to be had from this. The revamped Silithus zone wasnt too impressive, it was okay I suppose, but no real interesting memories or moments to share from there. Mainly all the crazy world pvp over the emerald dragons is what I remember from this patch. It was fun trying to get the guild and/or friends together to take them out before you got swamped by the other faction... or... simply assign a special force to deal with the other faction, while we try to bring the dragon(s) down.

Patch 1.9: The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj

  • The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, 20 man outdoor raid instance
  • The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, 40 man indoor raid instance
  • Tier 2 Epic Armor and Models revamped
  • All auction houses get linked
  • Timers to Raid Dungeons added
  • The Timbermaw Hold recieve revamped quests
  • Paladins: 15min blessings and class-wide buffing
  • Shard Bags for warlocks, rejoice

Quite the major patch, AQ20 and AQ40 were both enjoyable. Not to mention the epic event the entire server could participate in to open the Gates to AQ! A LOT of farming commenced. The epic questline that involved the spawning of several major encounters across the world made it even more fun. Sadly the servers use to crash over and over due to the insane amount of players in the same area. It was fun nevertheless, though. Clearing past the Emperors was quite the pain and it was all about survival, I remember it oh too well. Not to mention how crazy it was trying to defeat the unnerfed Ouro and C'thun. When those encounters got patched, both fights were very enjoyable and they were defeated by many guilds.

Viscidus was just like his name... hard encounter, unless you were horde with poison cleansing totems of course. Got any moments to share from Ahn'Qiraj? The 20-man instance had its moments too, like everyone dying to the meteors, or those who were new - we never told them to hug the group. Made my day, I know I'm cruel.

Many were proud of their tier 2 from Blackwing Lair by now and with Patch 1.9 all tier 2 armors had their graphics revamped, making them look quite awesome. Especially the Paladin armor! I loved this; the priest outfit was great as well. Not to mention the rogue.

There's so much more to say, and if you think of it, it's probably hard to pin point what exactly your favorite "moment" was.

Patch 1.11: Shadow of the Necropolis

Naxxramas! Easily my favorite raid zone… with Blackwing Lair being about as good. A necropolis floating in the sky, filled with boss encounters and sexy tier 3 armor and other goodies. Enjoying the fact that you could choose any of four directions as you entered and that the trash clearing was never too long; it felt well balanced from the very beginning and it pretty much was. Oh the memories from this place -- yes, I almost sound like a very old guy that speaks of his childhood memories, but let's say it; Naxxramas was very much the pinnacle of WoW raiding and the fact that they are reintroducing it in Wrath of the Lich King only further proves my point.

Heigan the Unclean, the Four Horsemen, Thaddius, Sapphiron, Kel'Thuzad… all VERY great and challenging, not to mention fun fights. It's going to be quite the feat to try them when they've revamped them for Lich King and 25-man raiding. Watching as people fail at the Heigan dance never got too old. Having someone move too slow or not think "right" during Thaddius and wipes the whole raid… did get old very fast. Mages not removing curses on Sapphiron also got old quickly. All in all Naxxramas was to me THE pinnacle of WoW raiding and nothing has gotten close to it, with the exception of Blackwing Lair, which came out before Naxx.

While I listed everything memorable and noteworthy from the classic World of Warcraft, I chose to not include Outlands. I might make a separate article where I go through Outlands in detail, it would simply have been too much at the same time and it already is a very long article as it is.

Now… what's your most memorable moment in World of Warcraft, preferably from the classic version of the game? Hopefully my article brought some memories in focus.

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