New DC Comic series to reveal Ashbringer’s backstory

Wildstorm has made A World of Warcraft Comic Book which has received great acceptance by fans of World of Warcraft and newcomers to the series. The series are onging and tells the story of an amnesic Varian Wrynn (the King of Stormwind) who's found at the sores of Durotar after a shipwreck.

The comic book is based around the Missing Diplomat quest chain, which is Alliance exclusive.

Recently Wildstorm, together with Blizzard Entertainment revealed that they are bring a limited series spinoff, in four issues, telling the story of The Ashbringer. Mograine is finally revealed. Also, this story will tie-in closely with new quests that exist in the upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.

It won't be until in September this year that more information is shared. DC Comics' Wildstorm will release the first of the 4 issue miniseries that cover The Ashbringer's history. Visit your local comic store and pre-book your copy now, afterall, they are limited.


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