WWI 2008 Developer Panel


Important news:

At World Wide Invitational, several Blizzard developers talk about class changes that will take place in the upcoming expansion Wrath of the Lich King.

Death Knight

  • Developers don't want talent trees to be pigeonholed into specific roles. Each tree will be functional both roles.
  • Runes have a 10 second separate cooldown
  • Army of the Undead will make players feel like how the Lich King feels when he commands the Scourge to attack
  • All races are confirmed to have Death Knights. The Lich King wants them all :)


  • Steady Shot will no longer clip Auto Shot, meaning it won't have to be timed, just spammed :)
  • The skill point system of pets will be replaced with Pet Talents, one tree for utility, one tree for tanking and one tree for DPS
  • A new ability will make the pet deal extra 20% damage when on 20% health


  • Mage Armor will be reworked to reduce harmful debuff durations
  • New ability: Frostfire Bolt. In itself it's not as good as Frostbolt or Fireball, but when the player talents into both Frost and Fire, Frostfire Bolt will be better.
  • Devs will make sure Mages are kings of AoE damage, and scaling up their damage to be viable


  • Totems will affect the entire raid!
  • Strength of Earth and Grace of Air will be merged
  • Windfury will be changed, so that druids are affected by it too. It's no longer a weaponbuff, but a buff.
  • Rockbiter Weapon will be replaced with Earthliving Weapon which increases healing done
  • Flametongue Weapon will increase spell damage
  • New ability: Hex. Emergency CC spell that leaves movement control for the hexxed player, but is unable to cast spells. 0.5sec casting time, 8-10sec duration


  • Sap will work on not only humanoid targets, but on pretty much everything that has a brain
  • New ability: Fan of Knives. Similar to the Warden spell in Warcraft 3. Short AoE


  • New talent: Titan Grip is now confirmed. Allows the Warrior to wield Two-Hand weapons in both hands.
  • New ability: Shockwave. Helps prot warriors dealing damage
  • New talent: Bladestorm. Similar to WC3 spell
  • Devs want warriors to feel more like the warriors in Warcraft 3


  • New talent: transforms the warlock into "Illidan demon form". One of the available spells in demon form is an AoE shadowbolt that can be spammed!
  • New ability: Demonic Circle. Small area where the warlock can teleport back into and decreases pet summoning time


  • Retribution itemization will be moved even closer to Warrior and Death Knight itemization
  • New ability: Hand of Purity. Reactive healing spell


  • New ability: Divine Hymn. New holy spell that allows the priest to heal the entire party. When a partymember is struck they go into a trance.
  • New 51 point shadow talent: Dispersion. 90% incoming damage reduction, 6% health/mana regen. The priest can move, but cannot cast spells. Allows a new form of defense against melee to make Shadow Priests more viable in highend Arena PVP
  • New talent: Guardian Spirit. Prevents friendly target from being killed. A pet that gives "Cheat Death" to the target, if the player would die, the spirit pet dies instead


  • Entangling Roots will work indoors as well, to help druids get into heroic groups
  • New ability: Flourish. 1.5sec casting time healing spell, its effectiveness depends a lot on what HoT effects are on the target
  • Cyclone won't be changed
  • Potions, on-hit effects and items will work in forms.


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