Early September Blue Posts

<font size="small">September is on us, so work-work! Daelo and Ghostcrawler are already on it, as a result we have a lot of blue posts to share. 4 dungeons have been disabled because of bugs or fatal errors in the client. Death Knight, Warrior and Druid concerns are being answered! </font>

<font size="small">This news will be updated throughout the day should more blue posts surface! </font>

<font size="small">Daelo on 8/29 - CoT Stratholme (80) - DISABLED (</font><font size="small">Source</font><font size="small">)</font><font size="small">

Yeah, I've noticed that the crash happens outside when testing the disabling of Stratholme. Still working on this.

Ok, Caverns of Time in Tanaris is getting No Man's Land by tomorrow morning.

Daelo on 8/29 Azjol-Nerub (72-74) - DISABLED (</font><font size="small">Source</font><font size="small">)

Ok, I've seen the problem on the beta realms where Krik'thir will seem to randomly despawn during his fight. I'm going to disable the zone for now, and if we can discover a solution we can implement via hotfix then we'll do that.

Daelo on 8/29 Halls of Lightning (80) - DISABLED (</font><font size="small">Source</font><font size="small">)

I'll investigate reports of this zone crashing today.

[EDIT]: We're disabling the teleporters. Halls of Lightning will be closed until the next major beta patch.

Daelo on 8/29 - Halls of Stone (77-79) - DISABLED (</font><font size="small">Source</font><font size="small">)

We're disabling Halls of Stone by removing the teleporters. This should be fixed with the next major beta patch release.

Ghostcrawler on Feral MT Scaling (</font><font size="small">Source</font><font size="small">)

If warriors end up with more armor, it won't be by a huge margin. We still want bears to be able to tank Naxx and Ulduar, and we want as many talents and abilities as possible to scale with end-game gear.

Ghostcrawler on Ferals get Def Stance Mach II? (</font><font size="small">Source</font><font size="small">)

Mother Bear is there almost solely to give Ferals a choice to emphasize tanking over dps. It is hard to meet the goal of letting them do competitve end-game tanking or competitive end-game dps if they can do both with the exact same talent allocation.

Ghostcrawler on 8885 Protection: Extremely Disappointed (</font><font size="small">Source</font><font size="small">)

Awesome thread. Please keep going. :)

1) I have strong suspicions that death knight dps is completely OP, but I think we can tame that without redoing their trees.

2) We are trying to combo some more of Prot's mitigation talents so that you have room for some of the more optional ones. I realize to some extent there will always be mandatory talents and there will probably always be cookie-cutter builds. But the more we can improve that situation I think most of you agree the better the game will be.

3) Well what did you use the Decapitator for? :)

4) We are trying to have more viable tanking classes but it would be a travesty if we ended up pushing tanking warriors out of groups. That is not our intent and if we see it happening, we'll take steps to correct it. It pained me to see people say in BC 5-mans "Let's just get a paladin. The run will go faster." That sucks and we're trying to improve that situation, not make it worse in 10 and 25 player runs.

5) I know I tend to neglect healing and dps classes specs in the interest of tanking discussions. I apologize for that. I can't be everywhere at once and to some extent we think tanking needs the most help. We know some classes and specs (in various roles) are relatively pleased with how they look for LK and some aren't. We're not done yet.

6) As you can see, making Protection viable for dps and / or PvP is controversial. Some people would love to see it and for some it's a wasted or misguided effort. That's the reason we want to continue to explore the issue and take baby steps without totally burning down the warrior trees and starting over.

Ghostcrawler on A Request for Answers by Blues. (</font><font size="small">Source</font><font size="small">)

I can't answer all threads of this nature, but these are good questions that several people have wondered about.</font>
<font size="small"><small>

<small class="white">Q u o t e:</small>
- Why was taunt removed from Death Grip? </small></font><small>

</small><font size="small"></font>
<font size="small">Death Grip is a very powerful ability and we feared that the day might come when we have to increase its cooldown. Long cooldowns are terrible for taunts.</font>
<font size="small"><small>

<small class="white">Q u o t e:</small>
- Why was Dark Command given to us when we had two great taunts? </small></font><small>

</small><font size="small"></font>
<font size="small">As above, we changed Death Grip. Blood Boil was also starting to feel like a better AE DPS spell than a multi-step taunt. We want all 4 tanks to be viable and came to the conclusion that some abilities just need to be standard. We don't want DKs to be worthless or even really hard to use on boss fights that require taunt rotations for example.</font>
<font size="small"><small>

<small class="white">Q u o t e:</small>
- Is there any plans to increase Death Knight Base Mitigation? If Yes, Can you give us a clue? </small></font><small>

</small><font size="small"></font>
<font size="small">If it ends up being too low, we'll adjust it. Death knights do have high parry rates and have a good number of oh snap abilities on short cooldowns. If you look at other forums, some other tanks are worried they don't stack up to DKs at the moment.</font>
<font size="small"><small>

<small class="white">Q u o t e:</small>
- Why do i have so many buttons to push and so many CDs to keep track of? (DG, DC, IBF, AMS, LB, BB, HoW, Diseases, to name a few) </small></font><small>

</small><font size="small"></font>
<font size="small">We wanted DKs to play differently from other classes. Runes, somewhat like energy, is an infinite resource. DKs are not dependent on being hit, which is a first for a tanking class. To balance that, there are more cooldowns.</font>

<font size="small"> <small><small class="white">Q u o t e:</small>
- Is there any plans to give us spam able Aggro-generation skills back? </small></font>

<font size="small">Abilities that add too much straight threat don't scale well. Paladins would have been far and away the best tanks for threat in Sunwell if more gear had been available to them. Part of the reason is because their threat scales so well with their dps. We'd like to get away more from +threat abilities for all classes if we can.</font>
<font size="small"><small>

<small class="white">Q u o t e:</small>
- Are we supposed to be hitting the Armor Cap? Or an Avoidance cap? Because right now i do not see that happening either way and leaving us kind of… lacking mitigation.</small></font><small>

</small><font size="small"></font>
<font size="small">No class should be close to either in Lich King. That was actually a problem in Burning Crusade -- witness bears being unable to improve their tanking gear because of the armor cap and the introduction of "Sunwell Radiance" to work around excessively high avoidance values. We think it's fine for tanks to reach the uncrittable mark, and being uncrushable is no longer an issue. Beyond that, we want you to always have a reason to improve your gear... and always be a little scared of those bosses.

Ghostcrawler on [Suggestion] Blood Tree (</font><font size="small">Source</font><font size="small">)

Might of Mograine gets mentioned so often in regard to dps that it may very well be too good.

My hunch is still that a lot of death knight dps is too high, and probably the result of talents that stack too well together. It is the gigantic crits for Frost (and more recently Unholy) that get a lot of attention. The death knight's eventual damage on Live will probably feel a lot more like your sustained dps and not the big crits (though big crits are always fun).

Like I said, just a hunch though. We'll let the actual numbers decide. I might be wrong. :)

Ghostcrawler on Ghost: Warrior Report (8820) (</font><font size="small">Source</font><font size="small">)

I don't want to just reply to threads with my name on it or guess what will happen to all the threads.... :)

The problem with the old philosophy of tank A is better at boss A and tank B is better at boss B is that if your group has A but not B then you either hit your head against a wall or end up swapping people out fight to fight. To some extent certain classes will probably remain better at certain fights, just because we're still trying to have different class mechanics. Probably the cleanest way to say it is if you have a druid MT (with a good build, gear and skill) you should be able to tank every boss in the game. You shouldn't feel like you have to recruit a paladin MT for certain fights.

The fifty-one pointers (for any tree) are tough to design because we want them to be compelling or even exciting while still leaving open the possibility that you go halfway down two trees or something. We don't want the last talent to be the best one in the tree and everything else just filler to get there. Shockwave is particularly tricky because we don't want it to be the only way warriors can AE tank. It also gets a little more complicated than that because we don't want to make trees too similar to each other -- oh tier 4, that's the mitigation talent, and then here in tier 5, that's the uber PvP talent.

Briefly, what we're trying to do with Arms is get Overpower into PvE and make getting enraged something that feels like an actual system -- something you work towards.

Ghostcrawler on Druids are having 4 talent trees? (</font><font size="small">Source</font><font size="small">)

Cat DPS is terrible on live.

Now I know there are some cats at the tops of their damage meters. It happens. But I also know a lot of players who got the best gear they could, learned their class inside and out, and then cried when they saw how far they were below other melee dps.

If you like the hybrid nature of the Feral and enjoyed switching from tank to dps at a moment's notice, we haven't really done much to take that away from you. And even if you try to max out your cat potential, you're still probably going to be a pretty effective tank in many situations.</font>
<font size="small"><small>

Q u o t e:
I expect the intent is for a cat specced druid to tank as well as a DPS warrior or DK or a ret paladin.
I expect this as well but getting a solid "Yes, you will tank as well as a Fury Warrior if you spec for Cat Form."

</small><font size="small"></font>

<font size="small">That sound about right. A cat spec'd Feral made an amazing OT for Karazhan and even Zul'Aman and for the larger pulls in the 25-player content. You were certainly better OTs than DPS warriors or ret paladins in BC. I suspect you will still be a little better than a dps warrior just because the difference between your +dps and +tanking specs is fewer talent points than the difference between a Fury and Prot warrior. But all talents are not created equal and you can't necessarily identify the best tank by the number of talent points they've spent.

Sorry my yes isn't more solid. It's hard to get into the realm of "You can be a 5% less effective tank if you spend 10% fewer talent points but maintain 15% superior dps" or whatever. :)

Part of the Feral design is flexibility. We don't want to lose that.


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