Nihilum and SK Gaming PvE Join Forces

This comes as quite a surprise.  Two of the most renowned and successful guilds in World of Warcraft -- Nihilum and the former SK Gaming (Curse) PvE team -- have decided to join forces for Wrath of the Lich King, under a new guild name, with the focus being the best in the world.

"A major change in the World of Warcraft PvE community happened today as the two best guilds in the world, Nihilum and the former SK Gaming have now merged together and will form a new guild."


"Two of the most dominant forces in World of Warcraft PvE will merge together to form what may possibly be the strongest force for Wrath of the Lich King. Nihilum and former SK PvE will officially merge together on the 25th of November under a new brand name."

To find out more about the merger, head over to the SK Gaming news or the new guild's placeholder website.  They promise to announce everything on November 25th of this year.


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