Around the Web -- October 22nd

This was originally planned to be a small feature piece of daily articles, but honestly, there's just too much going on with MMOs now.  It deserves its own spotlight outside of the daily developer posts and press release information, so we hope to deliver that to you with Around the Web.  How frequent will we do this?  It's hard to say -- it really depends on how active you, the community, is.  This first edition is specific to World of Warcraft, but we'll likely expand to cover other games as well.

World of Raids: Reflections on Raiding: Molten Core to Sunwell Plateau

Carac reflects on the raiding game in World of Warcraft and how it's progressed from the early days of Molten Core to the pinnacle of the game's end-game experience, Sunwell Plateau.

Gametrailers: The Warcraft Retrospective - Part 1: The Drums of War

This video is a brilliant look back at Blizzard's start in the industry and what paved the way for World of Warcraft.  Did you know that Blizzard was originally working on a deal with Games Workshop to create a Warhammer video game?  This was way back in the early 90s, and that deal never happened.  What came of it?  A little game known now as Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.  Think about that for a second.  If that deal actually went through, World of Warcraft probably wouldn't have happened at all.

If you're up for spending longer downloading the stream, you can also watch the HD version here.

Allakhazam: Video Interview with the cast of The Guild

Allakhazam's Andrew Beegle chats with the cast of The Guild at BlizzCon 2008 in this video interview.

WoW Vault: BlizzCon 2008 Video Collection

IGN's WoW Vault has a great collection of videos from their visit to BlizzCon this year.  We highly suggest you check them out.

BlizzPlanet: Dr. Phil Says You Are Addicted To WoW

Really, Dr. Phil?  Thanks... I thought I was just logging on every day to kill the Headless Horseman for my Hallow's End achievements because I was bored with everything else.  Oh, wait -- I do it because it's actually a fun thing to do.  BlizzPlanet disects his assessment of WoW players in this article.


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