Recount Surpasses Two Million Curse Client Users

It's been interesting to track the data we have on AddOn installs via the Curse Client.  While we haven't gotten into specifics in the past, hopefully this will help to shed some light on the sheer popularity of some of the AddOns available here on Curse.

The most popular, as of today, is Recount with more than 2.1 million installs.  And that's just on the Curse Client.  There are no doubt many more who have chosen to install it via the manual download option here on the website.  For comparison sake, QuestHelper is currently installed by 1 million Curse Client users.

That's a fairly substantial difference, especially considering a new expansion recently came out, which means lots of questing to be done.  And what's more impressive is that Recount has been maintained by the same authors for years now.  Both Elsia and Cryect have done an incredible job keeping the AddOn up-to-date and competitive with other offerings in the category.

So, congratulations to Recount on becoming the first World of Warcraft AddOn to eclipse the 2 million installs mark on the Curse Client.  Deadly Boss Mods is almost there, so maybe we'll see another join that club soon.


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