Original WoW Collector's Edition Sells For $3,100 On eBay

So you've got some cash lying around.  Let's say, a couple thousand dollars.  You can either pick up an awesome new computer, a somewhat shoddy used car, or you can purchase a factory sealed Collector's Edition for World of Warcraft.  The original one sold way back in 2004, which hasn't been in production since then either.

Well that's what a buyer did on eBay last week, closing out an auction seeing the CE sell for one of the largest amounts ever for World of Warcraft box sales.  The 7-day auction started at a mere $0.99, with the first bid bumping the price up to $75.  From there it went to $400, and over the course of 21 total bids managed to shoot up above the three grand mark, capping out at $3,100.

While the winning bidder isn't public, the seller is.  bulkhead72 looks to have a fairly high feedback score, with 342 instances of feedback left and a 100% positive rating.  Interestingly this is not the first Collector's Edition they've sold -- the last being a copy of the Burning Crusade CE that they were willing to part with for $31.

While there are other World of Warcraft items that sell for a pretty hefty chunk of change on eBay, it's always interesting to see the prices those no longer in production can command.  If you're a fan of snagging rare World of Warcraft memorabilia, you may want to keep an eye on bulkhead72's auctions -- they seem to sell a lot of stuff related to the game.


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