GameStop Reveals the Cataclysm Perk Pack for Cataclysm Pre-Orders

If you haven't pre-ordered World of Warcraft: Cataclysm yet then now is a pretty good time to do so.  GameStop revealed the Cataclysm Perk Pack today, a set of sweet deals for anyone who pre-orders the expansion online, plus additional PowerUp Rewards incentives for anyone who picks their copy up from a GameStop store within the first 48 hours of availability.

The deals include many major hardware brands with 20% or more off gaming gear that you might be looking to purchase anyway to prepare for the release of the expansion.  They include:

  • 20% off select EVGA/NVIDIA video cards
  • 20% off the purchase of any LinkSys Wireless Router or Cisco Valet product
  • 20% off In-Stock accessories from
  • 20% off select SteelSeries accessories
  • Save $375 instantly on the Alienware M15x

You can see all of the Cataclysm Perk Pack deals here.  Even if you're not upgrading your hardware, but you're buying the expansion, this is a pretty good set of incentives.  It's the holiday season after all, so I'm sure someone in your family needs a new headset, video card, or other gaming accessories.


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