Ex-WoWWiki Admins Join Curse to Create Wowpedia

We're extremely excited to announce that the administrators and contributors previously from WoWWiki have now joined the Curse family of websites and have created a new wiki for World of Warcraft,

This free-to-use, community-driven wiki is the latest in our efforts to provide World of Warcraft players with premiere content and resources to help make your experiences better both in and out of the game.

Wowpedia is already booming, but it will need the help of the community to continue to thrive.  Head over and make it the best wiki for World of Warcraft!

A few of the stats for Wowpedia, so far:

  • More than 218,000 pages have been created, with over 84,000 content pages
  • Over 72,000 users have registered to contribute to the wiki and its community
  • 15 administrators, all focused on building the premiere information resource for World of Warcraft
  • 330,000 visits since Wowpedia went live last week

We're also pleased to announce that for the next two months, Wowpedia will operate completely ad-free.  And while we'll need to have advertising on the website eventually to cover hosting fees, those ads will never be obtrusive or affect the flow of content on a page.

As always, it's our goal here at Curse to provide gamers with the best possible tools, and the Wowpedia team is a great addition to the family.


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