Update 8.2 Brings US and British Reinforcements to WoT announced today that Update 8.2 for World of Tanks is now available in Europe, and is to go live in North America tomorrow!

Five new US machines are introduced this update, featuring autoloaders and oscillating turrets.  Premium vehicles are also fresh off the assembly line, giving players the opportunity to add to their ranks the British TOG II prototype heavy, the heavily armed AT-15À heavy TD, and the impressively speedy French FCM 50t heavy.

Overhauled rendering and lighting has been added to the next four battle arenas: Prokhorovka, Redshire, Erlenberg and Ruinberg, making them more realistic and inviting players to reconsider their strategies and apply new combat tactics.

The company also notes that to ensure players get a perfectly balanced experience, the previously announced deployment of Chinese tanks will now take place in the next update.

World of Tanks is a  free-to-play armored warfare MMO by with highly customizable and flexible gameplay.  Upgrade and develop authentic vehicles, and try tons of weapons.  Each unit type has strengths and weaknesses, and in the right hands can help to make or break team objectives.

To register and play for free, visit the official site, or learn, strategize, and dominate with pro-produced guides and videos over at!  Check out our full range of 8.2 screenshots:

Gallery: Update 8.2



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