What is WildStar? New Trailer Explains

Carbine has recently released a trailer for those wondering what exactly the game is about. With WildStar heading into Beta, there are a lot of questions...

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What is this WildStar game? Why should I care about it? Is it nutritional? Will my dog enjoy it? Well, we can't promise to answer all of those questions, but we're pretty sure we've covered the basics in this video.

WildStar is unique in the MMO landscape for a plethora of reasons, one being that along with your typical race and class selections, you’ll have the ability to choose a certain “Path” that furthers your character development. Stay tuned to, as we’ll be diving deeper into each class, path and race as we build up to release.. 

At the WildStar Forums, you'll find a well-updated news feed by our talented community managers and a growing community full of fans eager to discuss the game. The WildStar Wiki has information on Races, Characters, Classes, Paths, Factions, and more, all written and maintained by the players. We'll see you there!


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