Carbine Studios Previews Brand New Area, Algoroc

Carbine Studios has posted a blog update on their website, detailing a brand new zone for their upcoming MMO WildStarcalled Algoroc. The new zone has been cropping up in recent screenshots for WildStar lately and the studio has finally lifted the lid on exactly what we've been seeing.

Algoroc, seen above, is described as a 'lawless frontier' where folks from across the planet are flocking to in an effort to cash in on some of the zone's plentiful Loftite crystal that is in such great demand. Algoroc is made up of a few different sections, including the town of Gallow; a once-dusty town that has become a hive of activity.

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East of the dangerous borderlands is the town of Gallow. With the recent explosion in the demand for loftite, the once sleepy Gallow has become a boomtown, its dusty streets full of hopeful prospectors, colorful hucksters, and shrewd merchants looking to make a buck. The recent boom has also attracted the Darkspur Cartel--an intergalactic crime organization that hopes to profit from Gallow's good fortune by extorting businessmen and running loftite prospectors off their rightful claims.

After the town's peacekeeper was brutally and publically murdered by Cartel thugs, the townsfolk of Gallow called in the infamous Judge Kain to get to the bottom of it. Known for his iron will and his quick trigger finger, Kain has recently arrived in Gallow to swing the hammer of justice and take the Cartel down.

 Take a look at Gallow and the rest of Algoroc in the screenshots below and visit for more information on WildStar.

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