Warrior Epic Closed Beta Update


The Warrior Epic team has just launched a new update to their closed beta that contains a whole slew of changes. For starters, the combat system has been completely overhauled and is now in real time. This has significantly increased the pace of Warrior Epic AND has eliminated combat "lag" that people were experiencing in previous builds.

They are celebrating this update by running a contest at the Warrior Epic forums, click here to check it out.

Warrior Epic Closed Beta Build v1.020 Changelog

Game Play and Mechanics

  • New Combat System
  • Quest Monster Populating Optimized
  • Changed Hit Rates for all classes
  • The Pit Fighter now has a new right-hand attack
  • "Baboon King" now levels 8-12
  • Pangolin Skill "Natural Genius" increases chance to hit non-humanoid by 5%
  • Archer Spirit Summon now has three shots and will disappear after 60 seconds
  • Several Rooms added to the Faustus Estate
  • Beast Summons no longer clip into one another while not attacking
  • Monster Aggro Radius Made Smaller
  • Monster AI Improvements
  • Game Server Instability Addressed

Monsters Updated

  • Heteromorphism Chicken
  • Northland Serpent Dispenser

Monsters Added

  • Slonard


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