Warhammer Alliance Guild Spotlight: DROW

Warhammer Alliance has provided us with their second guild spotlight highlighting the Destruction guild of DROW!

Here's a look at the original post:

Warhammer Alliance's second guild spotlight focuses on DROW, a well-organized and competitive Destruction guild on Volkmar. DROW is led by Kane Parkinson, who goes by Zapron in-game. To check them out, look into their recruitment for WAR or just to peek at the DROW store, go to

What is DROW's background?

DROW is an organization of power gamers that started in 1994 in the game Quake. We are most known for fielding top-notch guilds in major MMORPGs like EverQuest 1, World of Warcraft, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and Warhammer Online, among others.

How did the guild establish itself in WAR?

In our organization we have a group of individuals called "DROW Core." Whenever a new MMORPG (or other game) is... [Read More]


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