WarhammerAlliance Interviews Mythic Producers For 1.3.2!

The WarhammerAlliance team has posted a recent interview that was conducted with Adam Gershowitz and Jeff Skalski, Producers at EA Mythic.

Here's a snippet from the 1.3.2 Warhammer Interview:

Just before the 1.3.2 patch, we dropped in on Mythic Entertainment Producers Adam Gershowitz and Jeff Skalski to answer some questions about the latest update to WAR, what's changed, what can players expect, and other queries. Thanks to Adam and Jeff for taking the time out to talk with us!

Given the context of the overall strategy you've been taking with your patch cycles, how would you describe 1.3.2 in general?

Adam: Game update 1.3.2 is a really solid example of how we’re working to address our top three player concerns in each patch.

  • Career balance saw some significant adjustments in the form of a hard look at crowd control abilities. Many abilities were significantly adjusted or even outright removed in order to ensure that crowd control remains a viable but not overwhelming tool on the battlefield.
  • For RvR, we’ve worked to make the campaign more accessible and less frustrating by eliminating the Fortresses as a requirement to reach the capital cities. In addition, we’ve improved the accessibility of some of the best RvR gear in the game, and improved many of the rewards for both attackers and defenders in difficult Keep sieges.
  • On the performance front, we’ve seen some significant gains in both client and server performance with the introduction of a better texture manager and multiple improvements to how our server communicates with the client.

Up and beyond this, we continue to work on bugs and issues as well as improve the overall quality of Warhammer as a whole. For example, in 1.3.2 we returned to our new user experience in order to streamline it, re-invigorate low-level RvR, and allow friends to play together via our Apprentice system. We’ve also made numerous improvements to our Daemon Moon Rising event from last year (The Witching Night), and we’re really looking forward to seeing the player reaction to that as well.

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