Warhammer Alliance Interviews Jeff Skalski About 1.3.2! has posted a recent interview with Jeff Skalski about the progression of WAR over the last year and things coming in 1.3.2 patch.

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As WAR's one-year anniversary rolls around, there's a lot about the game that has gone well, a lot that has not gone as planned, and a lot to come in the future. Warhammer Alliance caught up with Producer Jeff Skalski to talk turkey about WAR over the past year, as well as get some tidbits and teases about what's coming in the 1.3.2 patch.

Tell us a little bit about how specifically RvR has changed over the year since WAR came out. What do you think were the best changes and adjustments made to the system? What are the current issues you're observing in RvR besides what's already been mentioned/addressed (City Siege and Keep Taking)?

Since our launch in Sept ’08, we’ve revisited our RvR mechanic every patch by improving the experience, expanding it, and really just reacting to our players’ concerns along the way. For me, some of the RvR feature improvements we’ve added that I feel very positive about are the RvR token system, RvR Ward rewards, Land of the Dead Purge mechanic, recent city siege improvements along with how city instances get populated, the second Keep ramps, RvR status updates (icons, timers and zone control detail bar) and finally being able to queue for Scenarios from anywhere. Now, we couldn’t do everything, but we still have several more cool ideas to spice up the RvR playing field. As we finesse and introduce new things to the RvR experience, our main goal is to make sure we are encouraging players to magnetize towards each other and fight. Those are the fun moments we want players to never forget.

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