Warhammer Online Land of the Dead Presentation From EA Mythic!

Warhammer Alliance recently spent some time with the developers and community managers of EA Mythic to take an up-close and personal look at some of the new features in Land of the Dead. Mythic gave us a presentation on new ideas, lore, and enhanced gameplay features that will be released with Land of the Dead. Below is the Land of the Dead closed-door presentation by Jeff Skalski and Gabe Amatangelo. In addition, we've added a little supplemental section in the upper right for additional information and random tidbits about the Baltimore weekend. Thanks to Warhammer Alliance for the great footage and coverage of this event! If you want to discuss these videos visit the Warhammer Land of the Dead Presentation thread at

Here is the Land of the Dead Presentation video sliced into three parts for easy viewing:

Part I


Part II


Part III



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