Warhammers Mark Davis Answers Questions About Tomb Kings & Land of the Dead

Warhammer Alliance has just informed of us a lengthy interview they had with Mark Davis! The interview focuses mostly on Tomb Kings and Land of the Dead, questions about their development process, and more details on what exactly will accompany their release. We've included a blurb here of a few of the questions, but here are many more available at the original Mark Davis Tomb Kings Interview thread over at!

Here's an excerpt from this very revealing interview:

Tell us about Tomb Kings and Land of the Dead. What is it all about?

Nehekhara, or Land of the Dead, was once a vibrant, lush land. Its rulers, now known as the Tomb Kings, sought a way to cheat death so that they could live out eternity in their paradise. Their Liche Priests toiled relentlessly for the secret to immortality and when their research failed them, they prepared their King’s and Prince’s bodies for entombment so that they could rise from the grave at a later time. Centuries later, emerging from their tombs, they discovered their lands were in utter decimation and barren. Their once paradise is now a wasteland where they rule with a vengeance.

There are treasures of vast power buried here, but at what cost will you pay to obtain them from the likes of the immortal Tomb Kings?

Talk a little about the lead-up to Tomb Kings. What kind of details might we see in this Live Event that build on previous ones?

In Call to Arms: Bitter Rivals, players got the first piece of the puzzle when/if they assembled the three pieces of the lost map of the southern sands. Completing the quest the assembled map informed us that Destruction was planning on stealing plans to construct an airship that would carry them to the mysterious deserts to the south. In Beyond the Sands we will begin to uncover what it is the forces of Destruction are searching for in a rather spectacular manner. Keep your eyes on the sky.

How much of the content from Land of the Dead will players be able to see during the upcoming Live Events (Beyond the Sands and Rise of the Tomb Kings)? Will they be able to access part of the new areas? Will we see enemies associated with the Land of the Dead in familiar areas?

Beyond the Sands will give players a taste of what is to come from the Land of the Dead. While the action will take place entirely in familiar lands, some of mysteries of those far, southern lands may find themselves confronting you head on.

To read the rest of this interview checkout the original Mark Davis Tomb Kings Interview thread!


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