White Lion Confirmed as Final Career

Over at Warhammer Alliance they've found out (and confirmed) that the final career class of the high elf's is the White Lion. You can view some concept art of the White Lion career here.


<font color="brown">

  • The war lion is meant to be a long-term companion unlike the disposable squigs the squig herder gets.
  • Customization include naming your pet and choosing distinctive fur patterns and markings when you first receive your lion. This allows for different white lion players to have semiunique war lions to accompany them. These distinctive markings stay with your war lion for the life of your character and dictate what your fully grown war lion will look like as it ages.
  • The Lion will grow as the player grows.

Mastery Paths

  • The path of the hunter focuses on balance between elf and war lion; both stride into battle side-by-side, lashing out in powerful combination attacks that can hit multiple opponents at once.
  • The path of the axeman focuses the offensive role onto the player, while the war lion takes a more defensive role. This line focuses on large, single-target damage, causing the player to rely on his or her war lion or group mates to distract opponents so that the player can make a flank attack.
  • The path of guardian focuses on helping defend your war lion or group by disabling and reducing your opponents combat abilities and reducing the threat generated by your allies. This allows your war lion or group to take a more offensive role, striking harder with less fear of retribution.</font>

Read more about Warhammer Online here and here.


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