Four cities and classes cut for release


Today Mark Jacobs at Mythic Entertainment went out and said that they are putting several features on hold for Warhammer Online which they had initially planned to release when the game goes retail this autumn.

The things they are removing are:

  • Instead releasing six capital cities, which would be one for each race, they are going to cut that number back to two, so what we’re looking at is one city per faction instead.
  • Initially 24 careers / character classes was planned. Mark reveals that they are reducing that number to 20.

Which cities will exist at release then? It’ll be the Chaos capital Inevitable City and the Empire capital Altdorf.

Furthermore, the four careers being put on hold / removed are the Black Guard (Dark Elf warrior), the Choppa (Greenskin berserker), the Hammerer (Dwarf), and Knight of the Blazing Sun (Empire warrior). got this information in an interview with Mr. Jacobs and Mark went on and said:

"We wanted to make our capital cities the best cities in any MMO," he explained. "We think we're doing that, but it came at a price and that price is that the other cities aren't going in the game right now."


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