First WAR Novel Marches Into Bookstores

While there's quite a few awaiting the launch of Warhammer Online which will happen September the 18th, in the meantime you can immerse yourself in WAR's rich lore with the release of EMPIRE IN CHAOS, the very first novel based on the upcoming fantasy MMORPG.

EMPIRE IN CHAOS, written by noted Games Workshop scribe Anthony Reynolds, is now available in bookstores in North America. The epic novel follows the journey of Annaliese Jager as she escapes her destroyed village only to be swept up in an epic battle to save the Empire from the marauding forces of Chaos. Joined by an injured High Elf, a grizzled Witch Hunter, and a Dwarf Ironbreaker, she will battle along side the armies of the Empire and Dwarfs against greenskin tribes and the dreaded Chaos Raven Host. Together, this unlikely band of heroes must fight like never before to turn back the tides of darkness, or the future of the Empire is doomed.

For more information about EMPIRE IN CHAOS, visit Black Library Publishing online at


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