Warhammer Addons Aplenty

It’s only been a little over a week now, and already we’re seeing some great improvements to the base UI of Warhammer Online. Inspiration is everywhere, and some of the legends of WoW Addon past are returning on top of their game – creating Addons better than ever – just for the Warhammer Online players.

We’re of course talking about Scrolling Combat Text, among others. The creator of Scrolling Combat Text – Grayhoof – has now created a version specifically for Mythic’s new MMO, and it’s available here on Curse.

That’s not all, though. Everything from Unit Frames, Action Bar mods, and even the ability to queue up your mail so you don’t have to babysit the mailbox window with a stopwatch to see when you can send your next message.

Aiiane has been churning out Addons like crazy so far, with a staggering 20 created in a little over a month since the NDA was lifted. Now there’s news of a throwback to ClosetGnome from WoW – called ClosetGoblin – and it promises to have graphical functionality for setting up and swapping equipment sets. Oh and there’s also a Grid-like Addon now available too, and a HUD, and well… it’s like being a kid in a candy store all over again.

Head over to the Warhammer Addon section to check all of them out; we’re up to 110 Addons total now, so there’s likely something you’ll find useful in the bunch if you’ve decided to give Warhammer Online a try.


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