Trot the Globe in Warface's PAX Prime Trailer

Warface impressed us something fierce when Crytek and Trion Worlds announced the game earlier this month, showing off some gorgeous screenshots. We can't vouch for the gameplay just yet, but we can definitely say that Crytek is raising the bar for graphics in a free to play game (thanks, in part, to CryEngine3).

Playable in Russia, Warface has been impressing that market for a few months already. Available today, the PAX Prime trailer for Warface shows off the various locations that players will be battling for their lives on, including Middle East, Balkans, Favelas and many more.

One thing we were glad to see showed up at 1:04 in the video above; defibrillators! The ability to revive fallen players on the battlefield is something that we feel more first-person shooters should incorporate.

If you haven't done so already, sign up for the closed beta at!

Stay tuned to our PAX Prime 2012 News Center brought to you by Corsair, FPS General's PAX Prime hub, and the Curse Entertainment YouTube Channel, where everything we post about the convention will be gathered for your viewing pleasure!


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