Second Content Update Released for Wakfu

A new patch has been introduced to Wakfu, bringing a load of fixes and new content to the newly released MMORPG.  Content Update 1.2, "Bombs, Pistols, & Runes" includes the new Smithmagic equipment-slotting feature, a new island zone, three new dungeons, a revamped guild system, and many other tweaks and improvements.  The Rogue class is also now live!

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The Rogues are WAKFU’s most feared bandits, and for good reason: they’re so versatile. Pistols, bombs, blades and gadgets are the main components of their devastating arsenal, and they won’t hesitate to use each and every one of them to achieve their nefarious goals!

Wakfu, published by Square Enix and developed by Ankama, is a new MMORPG with tactical turn-based combat and dynamic environments which every player affects through their actions.  There are multiple facets to the game, including very extensive crafting systems, powerful political mechanics, and tons of classes to choose from and customize.

Be sure to visit for more information on this exciting MMO and drop by the Wakfu Wiki, while you're at it.


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