Wakfu Sram Class Gameplay Video, Sram's Shadow

Square Enix and Ankama have released the above video, showing off the Sram's Shadow player class from their upcoming tactical, turn-based MMO Wakfu.

Wakfu features an awesome anime-style art design and is heading into open beta on January 4th of 2012. The Sram are one of 12 unique playable classes in Wakfu. A little more on the Srams Shadow, from Square Enix:

Master assassins in the World of Twelve, the Sram’s Shadow are deviant characters that will go to great lengths to defeat their enemies.  Hiding amongst deep, dark shadows, the Sram’s use their strength of speed and invisibility to escape all dangerous situations at any cost.

Additionally, Sram’s use the elements of Fire, Water, and Air to inflict pain and suffering upon their enemies, steal items and capabilities to improve their health and stealth and invisibility to all enemies who get in their way.

For more on Wakfu, check out the Wakfu Wiki at!


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