Square Enix Unveils New Character Class and Zone for WAKFU

Square Enix has revealed a brand new character class and playable zone for their upcoming turn-based MMO, WAKFU. The game is in closed beta now, and participants will have access to the new content on November 23rd, when a patch is pushed live.

The update introduces the Osamodas' Whip character class and Tofu Canyon zone, in the Sufokia Nation. A bit of background info on these two additions:

Osamodas' Whip

Beast tamers of the World of Twelve, the Osamodas are true lovers of all creatures.  Their faithful companion, the Gobgob, is typically found hopping along beside them to help capture souls which can then be summoned in combat.  

The Osamodas use the magic branches of air, fire and earth to attack, project a variety of cries to increase the capacity of their summons and spell effects and give orders to their invocations.  From animal summoning to dragon transformation, the Osamodas are definitely a powerful force to be reckoned with in WAKFU.

Tofu Canyon

Take a ride on the wild side and explore the lush jungles of the Sufokia Nation’s Tofu Canyon.  Our newest zone connects to other countries and includes an entryway into the Wakfu and Stasis Islands.  Relax and enjoy the scenic views of the Tofu Canyon’s waterfalls in ancient temple ruins or become an avid fishermen at their wharfs.  

Who knows?  You might even be lucky enough to meet our musical clan member, guitarist Larsenus Wallace, who teaches the herbalist profession.

For more on WAKFU, including how you can get in on the closed beta, be sure to check out


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