Voyage Century: Ten Tips

There are many tips in Voyage Century which could help you to get twice the result with half the effort. Do you know them all?

1. Before Voyage Skill reaches level 10, it’s free for you to recruit sailors. 2. Character’s item could be loaded on ship as cargos. 3. The coins you get from grappling battle are twice as many as the coins you get from the normal sea battle. Further more, when you go back to the sea battle interface, you have another chance to collect the wreckage of your enemy. 4. You could gain more exp if you kill the captain of your enemy in the grappling battle. 5. When you gain falchion and sword skill exp, the exp of your bare hand fighting skill will raise too. 6. Bare hand fighting has no effect on axe skill and gun skill. 7. The productivity will descend if many players were working on the piece same wood or same piece of rock. 8. You could change your tools when you are working. 9. If your character died at sea, your reputation will drop by 5%, and your ship equipment and the cargo may disappear. However, if your character die on land, you r reputation together with your coins will drop by 5%, your armor and equipment may also disappear. 10. Smuggling ship will not attack your ship initiatively, only if you came into the range of the smuggling ship did the ship fire on you. For more about this game, please visit the official site:


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