Voyage Century: Client Updated Notes

Voyage Century Online ( has updated the current version to 0.30 “Doom Treasure” at 12:00am-8:00am on Dec. 11 (EST). It is maximal update for VCO up till now, so the official website has offered the download link of the update pack for manual update.

Here are the changes for new version: 1. Added the Hurricane Island instance 2. Added Advertisement Billboard 3. Open the skill limit of level 120 4. Updated level 11 quest, the ship-building 5. Added the function that when you exit game there will pop up a webpage 6. Added activity items 4 weapons and 3 Jewelries. 7. Added new quest the "Women's Day" 8. Added new item the "Gift Brochure" 9. Open the Gem Embedding System 10. Added bank staffs in Tourane and Semarang 11. Added activity the "Fishing Day" 12. Added triangle rotating model 13. Added the function that can help players split Ornament of Purified Black Skeleton 14. Added automatic fusion function 15. Added Cliff Valley, Ancient Grave 16. Added the first life, and prompts to mention players that their SP is less than 10% or their load is more than 90%. 17. Added Beginner Quest 18. Added the “Arrest Warranty”. 19. Added the “Security Lock” 20. Added 71 automatic skill practice scrolls 21. Added 2 Hurricane islands quests 22. Added Encrypt warehouse function 23. Added 15 sea battle ornaments 24. Added 16 fusion items 25. Added "Costume Day" quest and resources 26. Added level 1-12 seed items to reward form. 27. Added “Dictator Badge” and “Large high level first-aid kit” 28. Added guild taxis button

For more information, please visit: Download Link:


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