Kai Mercenary Now Playable in Vindictus

The Vindictus team has unveiled mercenary Kai, a high-powered archer with versatile skills and a wide variety of customization options available from the Avatar shop.  To celebrate Kai's arrival, Nexon is providing all players who create a Kai character for a limited time a Kai Support Box.  The box contains the powerful Kobold Bow, a seven-day unlimited inner armor pass, a seven-day hair pass and five “Kai’s Buying” character enhancements.

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Kai is a brilliant archer driven by strong morals and a troubled past. When others would retreat, Kai rushes head-on into battle, flinging arrows with the ferocity of a madman. Little of Kai's past is known for sure, but rumor has it that his motivation to destroy the Fomors comes from the loss of a loved one.

Kai's athleticism allows him to zip around the battlefield, executing precise assaults and moving on before his enemies realize they're being attacked. His weapon can be adapted to any fighting situation in an instant, and his unique fighting style makes him an ideal candidate for solo & party play.  Here's a list of skills:

  • Ricochet Shot - Level 10:  A precision attack that consumes SP. Kai fires an arrow that defies the laws of physics to bounce off multiple targets and deal heavy damage
  • Magnum Shot - Level 12:  At full draw, Kai can create a powerful piercing attack that penetrates through all enemies in its path. This ability consumes SP and can only be used while in Longbow mode.
  • Prey Drive - Level 15:  Kai can volley on to an enemy boss and target their vital points to cause massive damage. This ability consumes SP and can only be used while the boss is knocked down
  • Arrow Storm - Level 20:  A devastating shower of arrows that consumes SP. Kai fires a torrent of arrows into the sky and they rain down on foes, dealing area damage.
  • Dodge Grapple - Level 24:  An anchor that allows a quick escape when combat gets too intense. Kai drives an anchor into the ground and uses it to evade enemy attacks and pull himself to safety.
  • Chain Link - Level 30:  A linking attack that consumes SP. Kai links enemies together or to the environment. Enemies can be smashed together for massive damage.
  • Eagle Eye Assault - Level 38:  A deadly, targeted attack that consumes SP. Kai pinpoints an enemy's weak spots and fires multiple projectiles at once to hit where it hurts.

Be sure to visit the Vindictus Wiki for all the information you need to be successful inVindictus!  With constant updates, you'll find anything from lore and in-game items to skills and professions right at your fingertips when you need it most.


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