Game Update - Thursday February 12th, 2009

The latest update to Vanguard includes the activation of a special Valentines Day celebration and more.  Check out the notes below for all the details.

Game Update - Thursday February 12th, 2009

Valentine’s Celebration
Valentine’s Day makes its way back to Telon! To celebrate the holiday of love, Vanguard will be decorating the major cities within Telon complete with gift wrapped packages that contain an abundance of exciting Valentine's Day goodies.
Travel to Tanvu, New Targonor or Ahgram and find many gifts to open. Inside, you'll discover items you can use to set the mood in your home or Guild Hall. Stuffed heart-shaped pillows or wall adornments, a variety of flowers – long stemmed or in a vase, chocolates and gifts galore!


  • Murderous Cleave now does 1500 unmitigated damage every 3 seconds.
  • Cleave II now does 1000 unmitigated damage every 3 seconds.
  • Cleave now does 500 unmitigated damage every 3 seconds.
  • Cleave’s description should now be in English.
  • New warrior ability called Murderous Cleave now drops from mobiles in KDQ.
  • Cleave should now add hate instantly and over time.
  • Savage cut should now generate more hate over time.
  • Warrior defensive stance should now have a 30% hate mod.
  • Warrior offensive form should be fixed
  • Savage Cut VI now lasts for 60 seconds.
  • Raising Defenses now runes for 10% against all damage types except flurry and rampage.
  • Raising Defenses now lasts for 10 seconds
  • Bastion of Steel now has a 3 minute refresh
  • Hold the Line will now give a 10% Rage/Flurry mitigation buff.
  • Hold the Line should now increase block chance by 3%.


  • Sorcerer Icy Focus form should actually work now
  • It will now grant 5% mana cost reduction and reduce global recovery by 5%.
  • The free spell portion of the form is now static until you cast a spell or leave the form.
  • Sorcerer Fiery Intensity form 100% crit is now static and until a spell is cast or you change forms.


  • Dreadknight Shield of Fear and Dark Bastion should no longer fluctuate mitigation values every 4 seconds


  • Change to make hit point mods on items function the same way as other mods on item popups with regards to attachments.
  • Fix for hooking a fish causing region server lag.
  • Golden encounters now lock to your character even if you chunk, die, relog, etc.
  • Fix for attachments disappearing after trading.
  • Fix for range attack rating showing up as 0.
  • Fix for effects pulsing when they are not supposed to (i.e. out of combat) Raffens, Star Ring, etc.
  • Fix for various abilities that were doing less damage than intended.  (ex. Pommel Smash )
  • Fix to some DoTs healing rather than harming mobs.
  • Fix for spawn issue with unique entities.
  • Fix for code that happens when you miss your target.  It should now agro properly on a miss.
  • Fix to issues with attached abilities staying up on the client (often stuck at 1 second) when they've been deleted on the server


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