Patch Notes, Feb 22

Game Updates February 22,2007

Vanguard Build 1758 Patch Notes 2/22/2007

GAMEPLAY NOTES - Player chance to sneak past even level NPCs without detection has been significantly increased. - Infineum Affliction is no longer quite so debilitating. - NPCs - NPC’s with “Timemage” abilities are now immune to charm. - NPCs - Overland and Dungeon bosses are now more resistant to various status afflicting spells such as charm, fear, clone, stun and mesmerize. - NPCs - NPC Heal-over-time spells have had their duration significantly reduced. - NPCs - Additional NPCs now see invis throughout the world, beware - Quests - Experience rewards from quests have been increased by a fairly large amount - Players should no longer get stuck at 251 skill in Spell Identification or Tactic Recognition. - Fix for charm "wars". You should no longer be able to start wars between npcs by charming them allowing charm to break, and then leashing them. - The bug causing mobs to disappear during combat has been fixed.

ADVENTURING NOTES - Protective Fighters – Rescues are now usable out of combat. - Bard - Tynen's Chant of Chains is now a verse. - Bard - Illestine's Epic Substitution should now increase Cold Resistance in addition to Fire. - Bard – Mellarian’s Melody of War now correctly stacks with the Paladin’s Aura of Divine Power. - Bard – Greatly reducing the energy cost of Calming Lullaby. - Bard - Suann's Entrancing Trill now has a 2 second cast time. - Bard - Suann's Call of Slumber now has a 2 second refresh time. - Bard – Fence now has a 10 second refresh timer, down from 20. - Bard – Hinder now has the proper amount of upgrades. - Bard – The lyric, Hazoc's Magical Aria is now available at level 25. It was inadvertently left off trainers. - Bard – Striking the Mountain now exploits armor chink. - Bard - Cleave the Mountain I, II, III, and IV have been added to the trainer lists, and are available (at levels 22, 30, 38, and 46). - Bard - Humming Blade - Would turn off after 72 minutes, this is fixed. - Blood Mage – Quickening Symbiote now requires 1 Vial of Blood, 1 Still Beating Heart and 1 Quivering Brain to create. On the brighter side, these symbiotes can actually be created now. - Blood Mage – Organs for creating symbiotes now stack - Blood Mage – The assembly for Controlling Symbiote now correctly states you are making a controlling symbiote and not an animation symbiote - Blood Mage – Vitalizing Symbiote now requires 3 Vials of Blood and no other components. These symbiotes can be created once again. - Dread Knight - Armor of Darkness should now increase mitigation as intended. - Dread Knight – Scourge will no longer get resisted as often. - Disciple - Gift Of Vitae now adds endurance instead of subtracting. - Disciple - Gift Of Vitae should no longer spam the caster. - Monk - North Wind Breaks the Trunk should now cause the target to hurt itself upon attacking rather than healing itself. - Monk - Form of the Spirit Dragon has been renamed Aspect of the Spirit Dragon. - Monk - Aspect of the Spirit Dragon now grants invisibility. - Monk - Soaring Leap should now actually cause you to leap. - Necromancer – Fixed a bug with Ravaging Claw II, putting it inline with the rest of the claws. - Necromancer - The wraith version of the plague bringer will now cast “Soul Vex” instead of “Soul Blight”. This should be considerably less confusing. - Psionicist – NPCs now consider Time Stop to be a mez and not a stun. - Ranger - Windsong now costs 10 endurance. - Ranger – Your Talismans should no longer wear off after 4320 seconds of continuous playing. - Ranger – Your Tiger Talisman now correctly gives a bonus to your auto attacks as well as your special attacks. - Rogue – Relentless Thrust is now attainable at level 10 and has no refresh. - Rogue – Drub has been increased in effectiveness - Rogue – Drub now costs 10 endurance, down from 17 - Rogue – The Drub line of abilities has had some level changes. This gives it a more gradual hate reduction progression. New levels are 12, 20, 28, 36, 44 - Rogue – Clout now lasts for 6 seconds or 5 hits, up from 3 hits. - Rogue – The Backstab line of attacks has had some level adjustments. New levels are 4, 12, 20, 28, 36, 44 - Rogue – The Shank line of finishing attacks has had some level adjustments. New levels are 12, 22, 32, 42. - Rogue – The advanced version of shank are now actually upgrades. - Rogue – The Wicked Strike line of attacks has had some level adjustments. New levels are 1, 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48. - Rogue – The Last Ditch Strike line of attacks now deals increased damage, costs no endurance and does not incur global recovery. - Rogue – Lacerate once again exploits Armor Chink. - Rogue – Slightly increased the damage of the Lacerate line of attacks. - Rogue – Note: There is a bug that is causing the damage display of lacerate and hemorrhage to show as much smaller than the actual damage done. The debuff tooltip (the one beneath the target’s display) is correct. This will be addressed soon. - Rogue – The damage of Death Whirl has been increased. - Rogue – Death Whirl now exploits staggered. - Rogue – Slightly increased the damage of Ravage. - Rogue – Ravage will now stun for 3 seconds on a critical hit. - Rogue – Relentless Thrust have been renamed to Vicious Strike. - Rogue – Vicious Strike (the attack formerly know as Relentless Strike) now deals additional damage on a critical hit. - Rogue – Deadly Strike has been added to trainers starting at level 26. - Rogue – Impale has been added to trainers starting at level 18. - Rogue – Shiv has been added to trainers starting at level 22. - Rogue – Knee Break has been added to trainers starting at level 4. - Rogue – Revenge has been added to trainers starting at level 6. - Rogue – Dazzling Flechette II and Advanced Dazzling Flechette II no longer function. - Rogue – Dazzling Flechette I and Advanced Dazzling Flechette I now have a different function and have been moved to level 15. - Warrior - Devastating Blow now correctly displays that it roots the target for 3 seconds. - Warrior – Roar of Fury now states the correct amount of hate it adds instead of stating it increases hate by 0.

CRAFTING NOTES - The Learning Apprentice Shingles quest can now be completed. - Higher level blacksmith recipes have been added to most blacksmith instructors in Kojan. - More advanced work orders are available in Leth Nurae, Lomshir, Martok, Mekalia, Tanvu, and Tursh. - Quests added: “Best Artisan Ever”, “Grodek’s New Hammer”. - Experience rewards for amateur tier quests have been increased. - Experience rewards for apprentice tier quests have been increased. - Experience rewards for initiate tier quests have been increased. - Experience rewards for journeyman tier quests have been increased. - The warring crafting factions of New Targonor now have more work orders available. - Thestran Blacksmith lower level great axe recipes are now available. - The quest “Gregan’s Demand” now asks for a grip instead of a shaft. - Fixed a lot of work orders that were giving out wrong recipes and items. - Crafted shields should now be recognized as shields by abilities. - Deconstruction tables have been updated and fixed. Please report any instances of empty deconstructed parts. - You can no longer deconstruct legendary or ultra rare items. - Fixed issues with armor-smith work orders being mislabeled. - Updated robes with continental effects. Tooltip still does not display attached effect. - Shield proc effects should work properly now. - Work orders for the crafting organizations in New Targonor should give faction for the appropriate group and remove it from the opposing factions. - Ballista parts work order in Shaletooth Tower has had its rewards changed. - The quest “The Swordsmiths Apprentice: Craftsmanship” should now ask for the proper resources to complete the recipe. - Additional higher level secondary recipe have been added to certain Kojan trainers. - Fixed an issue with the “The Swordsmith’s Apprentice: Craftsmanship” quest that may cause you to get the wrong recipe or get no recipe at all when accepting the quest. - Upped drop rate of upgrade recipes a smidgen - Fixed bug that was showing two tooltypes on some etching knives - Added slot amount to description of all saddlebags - Fixed issue causing tier 4 barding to have same stats as tier 3 - Fixed issue causing some rare armors to give the improper reward when deconstructed - Increased chance to get orb from deconstruction across the board - Fixed description of loose clamp to display effectiveness penalty. - Some work orders were repeatable when they were not intended to be. This has been fixed. - Fixed display name of attuning powder of energy - Gwartak Clan recipes now provide more weapon/armor options sooner. - Adjusted duration of rune of force to what the description said - Fixed rarity of all crafted expendables - Adjusted required level of crafted expendables to look at adventuring level - Reduced required level of martial sword recipes - Increased level of crafted martial swords (this change is retroactive) - The crafting advisor now talks about titles. If you are missing crafting titles, talk to any crafting advisor about titles in the dialogue tree and he or she should fill in any titles you are missing. - An artificer refining table has been added to the barn in the Renton Keep area. - Fixed a lot of recipe descriptions that listed unusable refined items as acceptable. - Harvesting – Amateur tier rare harvesting tools have been increased in power. - Harvesting - Greenback Spiders are no longer harvestable. - Harvesting - Harvestable Treants in the Marsh of Peril will now despawn properly.

DIPLOMACY NOTES - Glendryl Owlskeen is now a Soldier in Ca’ail Brael. - Negotiating the Point now correctly gives only one copy of the card “Poetic Truths.” - New Targonor - The repeatable quest “Monk for Hire” is available now at the New Targonor docks for diplomats of at least 201 skill to build faction with New Targonor - New Targonor - The repeatable quests “See to Our Guests” and “Unruly Adventurers” are available in the Remniol District of New Targonor for diplomats of at least 301 skill to build faction with House Remniol. - New Targonor - The repeatable quest “Out of Towners” is available in the Heartsworn District of New Targonor for diplomats of at least 301 skill to build faction with House Heartsworn. - New Targonor - The repeatable quest “Improving Standards of Dress” is available in the Hilthorn District of New Targonor for diplomats of at least 301 skill to build faction with House Hilthorn. - New Targonor - The repeatable quest “Deliveries for Caberton” is available in the Heartsworn District of New Targonor for diplomats of at least 301 skill to build faction with House Heartsworn. - New Targonor - The repeatable quest “Ghost-ese” is available in the Hilthorn District of New Targonor for diplomats of at least 301 skill to build faction with House Hilthorn. - New Targonor - The quest “Cleaning Out The House” has been added in Wharf Rat Downs in New Targonor. Seek out Dockhand Nash for more information. - Tanvu - Tanvu’s Clergy and Academic levers are now operational. - Tawar Galan - The quest “Smuggler’s Delight” is now available from Raisoor the Navigator on the sky bridge between Ca’ail Brael and Tawar Galan. It requires 50 Diplomacy skill and very low Presence. - Tawar Galan - The follow-up quest “Secret is in the Sauce” is also available from Raisoor the Navigator for those who have completed “Smuggler’s Delight.” It features two alternate endings (“Stop the Smugglers” and “Secret is in the Sauce”) and will affect various factions accordingly. The reward for this quest series includes a belt that stores stacks of Information. - Tawar Galan - Contraband-sniffing tigers added to Tawar Galan. - Tursh - Merchant Civic Diplomacy Levers have been removed from Tursh. - Veskal’s Exchange - Maret Djash is now willing to give out “Foreign Affairs” in Veskal’s Exchange.

WORLD POPULATION NOTES - Ceros Isle - Added a mailbox and a shaman trainer to Hauyen’s Outpost on Ceros Isle (a level 40-44 area north of Tanvu) - Craigwind Ridge - All overland camps in Cragwind Ridge have undergone an itemization pass - Dahknarg – The quest “Specialized Training” is now not available until level 2. (when you can actually train) - Dahknarg – various grammar/spelling errors have been fixed in many Dahknarg quests - Karrus Hakrel - Hrukstraz is now more difficult and will respawn less often. - Loot - World cash drops have been added/tweaked; all valid races should now drop cash loot if they weren’t before - Marsh of Peril - Quest rewards in the Marsh of Peril have been tuned - Martok - Fleet Commander MagUthor will now drop his head for players on the quest: Crippling the Fleet - Northern Highlands - A group of Treants now inhabits a secluded valley in the Northern Highlands of Thestra - Pantheon of the Ancients – Victims of Ghalnn will no longer fight back, but rather cower in fear during the trial “By the Shieldmaiden”. - Tar Janashir - There is a new delivery quest in Tar Janashir. - Tar Janashir - There is a new quest line available in Tar Janashir for players around level 36. Speak to Farra Djengh by the water in Tar Janashir and take the quest “Swiftfoot Shanty” to get started. - Temple of Dailuk - Not all of the overland creatures are bloodthirsty anymore, only certain ones want to see you dead. - Qalia - Much of the blue Qalian world loot has been tuned, more to come. - Quests - Directions have been corrected for the quest, “Spoilcrawlers of Zoth Uluus.” - Quests - The number of troll kills required for the quest, “Tolls for Trolls” has been increased. - Quests - Agent Under Cover: You are no longer required to have the shadowhound illusion activated upon you in order to get the waypoint updates. - Quests - Agent Under Cover: Azara Shahab will now give you another ring if you lost the first one she gave you. - Quests - Crush The Defenses: Fixed bug where Xarkrafil Flarehounds were not giving quest bits. - Quests - In the quest “Invoking Ghalnn’s Will”, the Enraged Ghostfang Okami should once again attack the Tanvu Prisoners. - Quests - Fix to A Light So Bright - this should solve the issue of players not being able to click on the offering stone. - Quests - The quest “The End of Innocence” has been marked more appropriately as ‘Small Group.’ - Quests - The Captain event in the Infineum quest line should be more playable - Quests - The Bounty Hunter quests in the River Palace and Seawatch Coast areas will now properly reward quest completion with badges that can be redeemed for rewards. Additionally, any players who already completed these quests should seek out Marius Steelwind in Strandan. He will reimburse badges that should have been awarded by bounty hunt quests already completed. - Quests - Invoking Ghalnn’s Will – Quest should now be able to be completed, and there should no longer be a barn full of panicked Tanvu Settlers being chased around by an angry wolf (comical as is was to see). This quest is still, however, limited to one player at a time. - Riftseeker’s Torrent - Altered the location at which characters teleport into the ‘Utaalk’ portal of The Temporal Fortress of the Riftseekers (Riftseeker’s Torrent). This should fix the problem where players were sometimes being teleported out of the dungeon. - Riftseeker’s Torrent - Replaced the Monk/Disciple specific drops from Riftseeker’s Torrent with more Thestran friendly attire. If you have already obtained the old Monk/Disciple specific items, fear not as they have not been removed from game. - Silverlake - Zar should now only spawn as a male, never as a female. - Skawla Rock - Fixed the statistics on the heavy item rewards for the Skawlra Rock quest lines. - Tanvu - A Cleric trainer has taken up residence in Tanvu. - Trengal Keep - Interior population of a section of the Ruins of Trengal Keep has been modified - Thelaseen Dungeon - True Blood Caretakers will no longer flee when low on health. - Thelaseen Dungeon - Yalsyl Vonalys is no longer immune to auto-attack and will no longer flee when low on health. - Veskal’s Exchange - Spinthra should be a bit less common - Vol Tuniel - Players above the adventuring level of 34 can now teleport into the Lair of the Vi’Rak (Vol Tuniel) via the vortex found inside the Vi’Rak poisoned pit in Marsh of Peril. - Vol Tuniel - Lesser named in the Thelaseen and Vol Tuniel dungeons now have a chance to drop a higher quality armor rune. - Vol Tuniel - Ancient tome overland spawns are now correctly spread across both the Thelaseen and Vol Tuniel regions. - Vol Tuniel - The ancient tome spawn rates and total spawns have also been very slightly increased. - Vol Tuniel - Increased the power of a sub boss to a boss in the ruins of Vol Tuniel, his loot has also been adjusted upwards - Vol Tuniel - If a named in the Thelaseen or Vol Tuniel regions can drop an armor quest rune, it will now drop a rune 100% of the time. - Vol Tuniel - Adjusted the location at which players teleport to when using the Vortex to the Lair of Vi’Rak in order to prevent players from falling through the terrain. - Zaraj Arena - High end rewards for the Zaraj Arena have been tuned

Items - Living Rune Of Flame is now soulbound - The effect on Yanvil, Shock of Ages, has been tuned - The effect on the Infineum Rod and Staff has been tuned - Infineum crafting items now require an immunity to Infineum in order to be equipped

GUI NOTES - The work order window will no longer always say "You currently have no work orders." - Negative coin values will now appear correctly in the UI. This mainly affected the Building Infomation window and Upkeep values.

CODING NOTES - Fixed a memory leak in the rendering of markup strings. - Players will no longer die again if they chunk while dead. This commonly happened on boats but could also happen when dieing right at a chunk border. - Players will no longer die again if the region they are in goes down while they have they release dialog up. - If you chunk while dead, your time remaining to release will reset to 10 minutes. - Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause unequipped items to go into limbo until you relogged. - Titles will now display properly after changing regions. - Players that are missing harvesting titles should get them automatically the next harvesting skill up they get. - In some cases, players doing diplomacy would have to log out and back in to see their new titles. This should no longer be the case.

~The Vanguard Team


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