Featured Dungeon: Tomb of Lord Tsang

Location: The Jin'ka Forest (Kojan)
Levels: 20 - 25


Deep in the Jin'ka Forest lies the ancient resting place of the great Lord Tsang, the warrior poet who fought with faith and steel to unite the warring states of ancient Kojan into one kingdom under Jin. Though Lord Tsang did not live to see his empire realized, his son finished the task and was credited as the first true emperor, he is commonly afforded the same respectful title. Despite Tsang's humble teachings of Jin, the people built a great tomb in his honor outside his home city of Tanvu, and consecrated his body within.


The devastation of the cataclysm has left more mysticism than knowledge about Lord Tsang in the minds of the Kojani. What is known is that whenever their empire has faced annihilation, the spirit of Lord Tsang has risen from the grave and carried his legendary weapons into battle to defend his people. With the terror of the ulvari sweeping across Kojan, once again the cry for deliverance rings out. But this time there is no answer.


In these dark times, when Lord Tsang appears to have abandoned his people, Kojan, now more than ever, needs heroes. Do you possess courage enough to venture into Lord Tsang's tomb? Have you the skill and cunning to best his eternal guardians? Will you have the strength of spirit to take up the cause and wield his sacred weapons of legend?



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