Vanguard Curse Client Support Discontinued

As of the next Curse Client version, the client will no longer support data collection for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. This was a difficult decision to make, but due to the time required to continually keep the client updated to work with the Vanguard client, the costs became too great for us to support with's current website structure.

We have also had requests from players to release the source for the Curse Client so fans of the game can maintain the Vanguard portion of it. While we appreciate the offer, and would happily do this if it were viable, we cannot release the source of the Curse Client as it opens up the possibility of hacking -- something we are adamantly against and will not open doors to.

The Vanguard database itself will remain online for at least two months, and we're working for a longer term solution to this; we realize that the database has become a destination for many Vanguard players and while the client has become impossible to realistically maintain, we would like to keep the database itself up as long as possible so that Vanguard players have a resource to turn to.

We will make sure to keep everyone updated on the state of the database as we have more information to share.


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