The Legend of Trengal Keep

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Rotting away on the expansive Thestran continent, lays the crumbling remains of a once great manor that served as a home to the human kings of Thestra. Time and trouble have etched away at this massive castle, creating a dangerous breeding ground for evil entities, Orcs, and Goblins, who now use the rubble as their fortress, hiding away long lost secrets.

In the misty skies above the ruins, floats an eerie meteor that some say contains the power to control the many Orcish minions who now live amongst the debris. Those who have ventured into the ghost of a castle have returned silenced from fear, or have never returned at all, only adding to the secrets that surround these mysterious ruins.

It will take a group of Heroes to unlock the secrets that are so carefully contained within the ruined walls of Trengal Keep. So find a few of your must trusted adventuring friends, and prepare to ride into the heart of Thestra to begin your quests for truth and treasure!

Sage Maenor stands guard at Trengal Watch. It was within his elite brotherhood that the secret of the shrine was entrusted to. After the release of Koth Teros and his many crystal and mist minions, the Watch now serves to battle these creatures who have invaded the minds and bodies of the orcs and goblins that now use the Ruins of Trengal Keep as their battleground and fortress.

As the meteors rained down upon the once expansive castle, many of the creatures who lurked its grounds are now affected by the eerie crystal deposits, and pose a great threat to the people of Thestra. Sage Maenor asks for your help in finding answers. Heroes should seek him out, not only for glory, but for the great rewards that will come to you in the end.

You can find Sage Maenor outside the walls of Trengal Watch. Within this area there are others who want your help with various tasks. You can complete a lot of these quests while working your way through the Legend of Trengal keep quest line. You can find the details of the quests here.


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