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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is an MMO that could have become so much more. With the funding Sigil received to create Vanguard, the game simply couldn't fail according to speculators. They were wrong. This is a perfect example (and it's used often) of how money can't buy you everything.

There were so many that wanted Vanguard to be their new MMO, but most realized very early that Vanguard would never become what Sigil had promised. Somewhere and somehow, something went terribly wrong.

Now, several patches later and with SOE in charge, Vanguard is a bit better. There's been numerous optimizations done so the game actually run decently. Sadly, there's not that many players left and the development team is small.

The video below is made by fans and it's really bringing forth the good sides of Vanguard, definitely a must see.

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