Game Update 6 This Week

Game Update 6 for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will go live sometime this week.

The final changes have been made in response to the valued player feedback, and we're just about ready to release GU6 which will include thousands of bug fixes, the long awaited character model revamp, and our highly anticipated trial version of Vanguard, Isle of Dawn !

Isle of Dawn
We're introducing a brand new starting area which will showcase all the best that Vanguard has to offer. New players will be able to experience the world of Telon on a trial basis while exploring the Isle of Dawn. Existing players can choose to start their new characters in their selected Race's standard starting area, or begin their adventures on the Isle of Dawn and enjoy new content up to level 10!

The Isle of Dawn was separated from the continent of Kojan during the cataclysm. A village of battle hardened humans and a band of zealot hobgoblins have warred against each other for centuries on the Isle. Their mutual hatred for one another runs deep and even now they are locked in an ongoing struggle. Recently though, increasing numbers of ulvari have begun to surface on the island – much to the dismay of both the humans and the hobgoblins. 'Weakened by their perpetual war, the humans aren't able to capably defend themselves. Even now, their villages burn as they frantically seek aid. The isle is in desperate need of heroes.

Thousands of Bug Fixes!
Putting polish on the game is an ongoing effort! Although we've always been dedicated to making Vanguard play as smoothly as possible, this Game Update you can expect to see a great number of bug fixes – over a dozen pages of patch notes, to be exact!

Character Model Revamp
We've given Vanguard's character models a makeover, beefing up the men while enhancing the feminine features of our females. Not only have their bodies been given a revamp, but most of the facial customization that was available at launch has returned! You'll now have dozens of ways to make your character unique in appearance, all while increasing performance!

Players will also have more options when it comes to armor. Each race now comes equipped with their own unique undergarments, which will be an optional replacement to the traditional clothing that currently covers the bare models.

Read more here. Also with screenshots.


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