Justice Winners Announced

The winners for the Justice contest have been announced. > The winners of the Justice contest have been decided! Thanks to everyone who entered - there were over 60 entries, and all of them made for excellent reading. However, we had to narrow down the field. The following winners will have their entries placed as in-game books with a publish in January: > > "The High Council has decreed that the following essay demonstrates a true understanding of Justice, as delivered by the noble and educated of the land to the deserving poor. It will be copied by the finest scribes and made available for all true seekers of Virtue to peruse." -- Lord Veritas, Britannian High Council > > Contemplations on the Nature of Justice, by Berym Whiteblade > > "What Knowledge does the foul High Council have of Virtue? What true Seeker would trust their corrupt Judgement on so critical a Topic? Believe you instead the words of Lord Erekose, a Just and Honest man, in this volume scribed without the knowledge of the corrupt Council, and passed Hand to Hand as all Truths must be." -- a preacher of Virtue > > Justice, by Lord Erekose


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